Welcome to Team Sheppard

Dear Newcomer

Welcome to Sheppard Air Force Base and "Team Sheppard!" You are about to embark upon an assignment that will be both challenging and highly rewarding. The only one of its kind in the world, the 80th Flying Training Wing is a multinational organization consisting of 13 nations chartered to produce combat pilots for NATO. In executing the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training (ENJJPT) Program, you will be directly involved in a truly international wing concept.

The 80th Flying Training Wing has several assets available to make this new assignment smooth and uncomplicated. For permanent party personnel, the wing possesses a sponsor program that will help you settle into the Texoma region. For inbound students, military training officers, flight commanders, and our 80th Operations Support Squadron staff will answer your questions and concerns to help assist you during inprocessing. Do not hesitate to take full advantage of these valued resources.

Once you arrive at Sheppard, permanent party should ask security forces at the front gate to direct you to the 24-hour arrival point located at the Sheppard Inn. The telephone numbers for the Sheppard Inn are DSN 736-2707 or 736-2970, or, if using a commercial line, (940) 676-2707 or (940) 676-2970. When you arrive at the Sheppard Inn, lodging personnel will help you contact your sponsor or your squadron INTRO monitor. Student pilots should log on to the 80th Flying Training Wing website at the following location https://webi.sheppard.af.mil/80ftw/. Click on "wing information", "new student info" for all inprocessing procedures.

Once again, the ENJJPT Program welcomes you to Sheppard Air Force Base and the Texoma region. We look forward to having you as a part of this premier international team as we continue "Training Tomorrow's NATO Air Warriors Today!"