Before arriving at Sheppard

Making Reservations for Your Arrival

You should call the Sheppard Inn to make reservations in lodging. They can be reached at (940) 676-1844/2970 or DSN 736-1844. Call as early as possible to make reservations, and it is advisable to make your reservation for 30 days (in case you need the time). If you are married or have children, be sure and tell the lodging office so they can put you in adequate quarters. If you have pets, please look into accommodations for them since the Sheppard Inn does not allow pets in the rooms. Here are the kennels listed in the Wichita Falls phone book yellow pages. Also, be sure to get the confirmation number of your reservation.

Travel Directions

If you need maps or driving instructions, you can visit MapQuest or Expedia. The main gate is on State Highway 240, off I-44 (US Highways 287 and 281).

Area Information

Want to know more about Sheppard and the local area? There's lots of information already on the web. All military members can log-in to the SITES page ( and go to Sheppard installation information and get an enormous amount of info on the base and the local community. Another great site to visit is the Air Force Crossroads webpage. You can also look at the City of Wichita Falls official website. For local area news, peruse over to the Times Record News page.

If you need more than what's provided here such as information on local schools, sightseeing, spouse employment assistance or other issues, please contact the Sheppard Airman and Family Readiness Center.