82nd Training Wing

"Combat Capability Starts Here"

Sheppard's host unit is the 82nd Training Wing. Because of the wings mission, Sheppard is the most diversified base in AETC. The 82nd provides specialized technical training, medical, and field training for officers, airmen, and civilians of all branches of the military including the AFRES/ANG, other DoD agencies and foreign nationals. Courses, resident and nonresident, exceed 1,100. More than 87,000 people graduate from basic and advanced courses ranging from pharmacy to power production; aircraft maintenance to budget and data systems each year. The wing also supports undergraduate pilot training as well as flying training to students from 13 NATO nations through the 80th Flying Training Wing, a Sheppard tenant unit.

The 82nd, 782nd, 882nd and 982nd training groups administer the 82nd TRW's training programs. The base receives major operational support from the 82nd Mission Support Group and the 82nd Medical Group.

The 82nd Training Group
The 82nd Training Group educates and trains officers and airmen to replenish the combat capability of the Armed Forces. Personnel assigned to the group develop lesson plans and instructs over 200 maintenance officer/aircraft maintenance/munitions maintenance courses and 37 Career Development Courses. The group is responsible for over 30,000 USAF/DoD/international graduates annually and manages $2.4B in aircraft/facilities/ equipment and an O&M budget of $19.4M. There are more than 6,000 military and civilian members assigned to the group.

782nd Training Group
The 782nd Training Group has four squadrons supporting training for Air Force, Army Navy, and Marine Corps, military, civilians, and foreign students. Three squadrons conduct the technical training of 20,400 students annually. Training in six career field families includes: Telecommunications, aircraft systems, avionics, civil engineer, fuels, and vehicle operations. The fourth squadron is a training support squadron located at Hill AFB, Utah, that provides Combat Camera, video production, and interactive multimedia instruction to AF and DoD customers around the world. The Training Administrator, Training Operations, and Training Evaluations provide additional technical and administrative support to the group.

882nd Training Group
The 882nd Training Group consists of one support squadron and three training squadrons. The training squadrons conduct apprentice and advanced/supplemental medical training in multiple disciplines: biomedical sciences, dental, health service administration, clinical sciences, and nursing with additional emphasis on medical readiness. Most enlisted members in Air Force health care career fields received their indoctrination or specialty training from the 882nd TRG. Approximately 19,000 students attend courses each year including nearly 1,200 Army, Navy and Coast Guard members in interservice courses. On any given day, about 2,200 students are in varying phases of training throughout the group.

982nd Training Group
This group boasts the motto, "The World is our Classroom," and its mission is to provide quality hands-on aircraft maintenance training to meet the evolving needs of its primary customer, the first-line supervisor. The group takes the classroom to maintenance specialists at 45 worldwide locations, including Europe, Alaska and the Pacific Theater. More than 1100 people are assigned to the group its two training squadrons and one maintenance squadron. The group's annual student production exceeds 35,000.

82nd Medical Group
Available medical services include family practice, acute care, student health, allergy, internal medicine, optometry, audiology, aerospace medicine, physical therapy, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics, general surgery, orthopedics, podiatry, outpatient mental health, social services and outpatient substance abuse rehabilitation. Available dental services include general dentistry, oral-maxillofacial surgery, periodontics, orthodontics, endodontics and prosthodontics. Additionally, the facility provides radiology, pharmacy, laboratory, cardiopulmonary laboratory and respiratory care services. Lastly, the aerospace physiology unit provides a hypobaric chamber and situational awareness training for student pilots assigned to the 80 th Flying Training Wing.

82nd Mission Support Group
The 82nd Mission Support Group provides civil engineer, personnel, communications, services, law enforcement, contracting and logistics readiness support for Sheppard to include the 82nd Training Wing and all tenant units. The group serves more than 25,000 permanent party members and their families and 87,000 students per year with a work force of about 2,700 military, civilian, and contractor employees. The group also serves as the base liaison with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Army and Air Force Exchange Service, the Defense Commissary Agency, and the Defense Logistics Agency.