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Default Air Force Logo Developing our future force
It has been almost six months since Teresa and I arrived at AETC. Since that time, we have traveled to a number of our AETC bases. Simply put, we are very impressed with the men and women throughout the command executing our mission. The breadth of our responsibility to recruit Airmen as well as to educate and train Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors,
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Default Air Force Logo Burke: thank you for all you do
The holiday season at Sheppard is marked by a lot of great events--Operation Thanksgiving, the base Christmas Tree and Menorah Lighting, toy drives and of course all the holiday parties. But, before we enjoy a well deserved reprieve, we must execute Exodus.This will be my first experience with Exodus, and I have to admit that I was impressed when I
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Default Air Force Logo Burke: Give thanks for sacrifice abroad, at home
As the traditional day of feasting and family gathering draws near, let us remember those whose loved ones serve in distant places across the globe. Whether serving a post along a perimeter, in a Quonset hut or in a headquarters building, our memories flood home for the holiday season. Give thanks for the sacrifice made by our personnel serving on
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Default Air Force Logo Hertog: Be thankful and safe
Thanksgiving--one of my favorite holidays of the year. It's a time to reflect on how fortunate we are to live in this great country and be a member of the world's greatest Air Force. Thanksgiving also kick- starts the holiday season when we gather with our friends and families, near and far, to celebrate. In fact, from now until New Year's Day
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Airmen fill a standing-room only base theater Nov. 15 to honor Airman 1st Class Dustin J. Curley, an Airman in Training at the 362nd Training Squadron at Sheppard Air Force Base who was killed in a vehicle accident in early November. This "sea of blue" was made up of active duty, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard Airmen, a representation of the Air Force's Total Force. (U.S. Air Force photo/Mike Litteken) These days, it's just 'us'
It was a calm, quiet sea of blue Nov. 15. Not a word spoken; not a body moving, the air thick with a sense of reverence, honor and half a dozen other feelings that words can't quite capture. This was the scene as I stepped into the standing-room-only base theater on this rainy November night. Nearly 1,000 trainees from the 362nd Training Squadron
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Default Air Force Logo Developing Talent: How to develop talent in others
Many of us are intrigued by talent discovering television shows like "American Idol," "So You Think You Can Dance," and "Next Iron Chef." In addition to providing entertainment value through the elimination process, they also focus on finding and judging talent. When the winner emerges, he or she is catapulted to success in their professional
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Default Air Force Logo Reveille: 'Why should I stop? No one else does.'
As I passed through the main gate recently on my way to work, Reveille began to play. I'm ashamed to admit that my first grumbling thought was, "Why should I stop? No one else does."But I decided to stop, because we play "To the Colors" and that is the Air Force regulation, as found in AFI 34-1201. While I sat along the side of the road, several
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Default Air Force Logo Self Inspections: Key to success
If you've been in the Air Force at least 18 months, being inspected is nothing new. However, the ground rules seem to be constantly changing: more frequent inspections, revised instructions and checklists, and new information technology tools for managing training, equipment, and facilities that require determination to both figure out and operate
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Default Air Force Logo Domestic violence survivors share their stories
I had the incredible opportunity recently to interview four beautiful women. They come from different walks of life, but their stories are similar. I'll get to that in a minute.The first was a 67-year-old that would be considered the quintessential grandmother. The next was a person who, when you looked at her, appeared to be the iconic symbol of a
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Chief Master Sgt. Phillip Browning assumed the newly authorized 80th Flying Training Wing command chief position March 15. (U.S. Air Force photo courtesy) Is enlisted performance reporting inflated?
The Enlisted Performance Reporting system constantly comes under heavy criticism from all ranks in the Air Force. The primary complaint is that the system is considered inflated. So, let me simply say, "If you want it to be, it will be." I recently met with a group of NCO's during a Professional Enhancement Course and received both verbal and
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