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Default Air Force Logo Secret weapon: Airmen initiative can shape our future
Anyone who has served in or around the military has a favorite story they love to tell about the frustrations of dealing with "the bureaucracy."We're not always so willing to admit that sometimes we're part of the problem. We like to think of the bureaucracy as a formless entity out there slowing down the work we need to get done. But the truth is
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Default Air Force Logo Leslie Lorenz on Leadership -- Spouse Wingmen
I recently met two young military wives. I was so happy to meet these bright, young, eager, new spouses as they and their husbands begin an exciting career in our wonderful Air Force. Randolph AFB is the first assignment for one of the couples. They are originally from the northeast and come from families with virtually no military connection.
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Default Air Force Logo The honor is mine
Airmen might have one ... two ... maybe three moments in their Air Force career when their name is mentioned alongside one of those that came before us. My moment came this year when I was selected to represent my squadron at the group level for an award.To have my name associated with such an American hero is a humbling honor, and I am indebted to
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Default Air Force Logo Moral Courage & Ethical Behavior
If I were to walk into just about any shop on base and say, "We're under attack--grab a weapon and follow me," I'm confident most people would do just that. I've spent enough time in the AOR and watching our Airmen in combat to know that we don't lack physical courage.But what would happen if I walked into your office and announced the worst idea
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Default Air Force Logo Thoughts on Leadership
You'd never know it by the thermometer, but summer really is winding down as the new school year approaches. With the end of summer vacation comes the end of another busy PCS and change of command season.As a group commander, one of my most important roles is helping new squadron commanders and other leaders adjust to the demands and challenges of
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Default Air Force Logo Maintaining High Standards
In Glastonbury Green Cemetery in Connecticut, near a memorial to Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. John Levitow, is a Civil War monument called The Standard-Bearer.With his flag--his standard--cradled in his left arm, the Standard-Bearer's right arm is poised to draw his sword in defense of the flag. It is a meaningful image to any
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Default Air Force Logo Setting Clear Priorities
On July 4, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz published the 2010 CSAF Vector, laying out the priorities he and Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley have set for the next few years. They are:1. Continue to Strengthen the Air Force Nuclear Enterprise2. Partner with the Joint and Coalition Team to Win Today's Fight3. Develop and Care
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Default Air Force Logo Avoiding the Vertical Pronoun
Staff Sgt. Zachary Rhyner is one of only three Airmen since Sept. 11, 2001, to receive the Air Force's highest honor--the Air Force Cross--and the only one who did not receive it posthumously.A combat controller, Sergeant Rhyner saved countless lives by calling in more than 50 "danger close" air strikes, many virtually on top of his own position,
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Default Air Force Logo The 1.0 Rule
Alexander the Great is one of the best-known figures in history. His conquests shaped the modern world, and his military genius is legendary. Cleitus, on the other hand, is not so well known--but Alexander will not become "the Great" without him.It is 334 B.C., and the 22-year-old Macedonian king and his small force of cavalry are surrounded by
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General Hertog Be safe this Fourth of July
I'll be honest with you, the Fourth of July weekend is not one of my favorite times of the year. I guess it goes back to when I was a kid and I had some painful experiences on that weekend. I remember one Independence Day when my brother and I were out playing croquet, and he hit me in the head with the mallet. Now, he claimed I was standing too
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