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Air Show & Open House Performers


         The Open House & Air Show performers are set and ready to provide an entertaining show!


         U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds             U.S. Air Force Wings of Blue                        Dana Bowman


                  Tora Tora Tora                                   Viper Air Show                                       Randy Ball

          Pearl Harbor Reenactment               Jet Funny Car & Solo Demo              Mig17 Demo & Vietnam T-37



                    Kent Pietsch                                     Texas Raiders                                    Freedom Flyers

          Jelly Belly Comedy Air Act                       B-17 WWII Demo                       P-51 "Pecos Bill" WWII Demo


In addition to the performers, multiple U.S. Air Force demonstrations and flybys from bombers, carriers and rotary-wing aircrafts will take place.

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