About hOPSEC

hOPSEC is the original creation of James Rumfelt, and illustrator in the Sheppard Public Affairs Office.

Look for new releases about every two weeks...it's a fairly new product, so we're still working out the kinks!

We'd love your feedback, and your ideas for future strips. Send us an email at 82trwpa.1@us.af.mil and let us know what you think!


Ever wonder what's really going on with all those rabbits on Sheppard? Find out in our original comic strip, hOPSEC! Follow the adventures of Jed, Dwayne, Trevor and the mysterious and metallic JX-7!

Sept. 22: U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds at Sheppard... (click below for full size image)


Meet the Bees... (click below for full size image)

Welcome to Texas in ... Fall? (click below for full size image)


Previous Releases

Meet the Bunnies... (click below for full size image)

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