80th FTW

Mission: To produce the world's finest NATO pilots with the skills and attitude to succeed in fighter aviation.

Vision: To Be the World's Premier Combat Pilot Training Program.

14 NATO nations participants:

The Netherlands
United Kingdom 
United States


    By the numbers for 2014:
    Assigned: 12,581
    Courses taught: 933
    Classes held: 12,214
    Instructional hours: 1,714,511
    Graduates Annually (2015): 60,081
    Economic Impact: $734,268,578
    Acres of land: 5,736
    Aircraft assigned: 210
    Feet of runway: 36,123
    Clinic visits: 69,753
    Physical assets: $21.6B
    Global Detachments: 61
    Full 2014 economic Impact Statement

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    80th Flying Training Wing leadership


    Col. Andrea E. Themely


    Col. Lendy G. Renegar
    Vice Commander 


    CMSgt. Marc Schoellkopf
    Command Chief

    80th Flying Training Wing Mission: To produce the world's finest NATO pilots with the skills and attitude to succeed in fighter aviation.

    80th Flying Training Wing

    The tenant unit on Sheppard Air Force Base is the 80th Flying Training Wing. The 80th FTW hosts the world’s only internationally manned and managed pilot training program. Celebrated 37 years in 2018, the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program has now delivered more than 6,600 trained combat pilots to our NATO allies.

    The 80th Flying Training Wing operates the Air Force's busiest joint-use airfield outside of a combat zone. Its 202 aircraft flew approximately 240 sorties per day in 2013 which equates to more than 66,000 flight hours annually. The wing delivers more than 200 Undergraduate Pilot Training graduates annually, along with 150 graduates of Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals and Pilot Instructor Training graduates. Fourteen NATO countries participate in the unique Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program.

    The ENJJPT Program would not be what it is today without the ENJJPT Sponsor Program, whereby citizens from the local community play a key role in the welcoming and supporting new and returning members of the ENJJPT family. In 2014 the ENJJPT Sponsor Program was awarded the AETC International Student Support Award. This award recognizes those who support the international training and education mission by sharing their homes, families and time to international families during their tour in the U.S.

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