Photo Studio


Hours: 0830-1300 Tuesdays by appointment only

 The studio is closed Mondays, Wednesdays-Fridays and on federal holiday or Air Education and Training Command Family Days that fall on a regular studio day.

Contact Us

Phone: 940.676.2732


Bldg. 400, room 129

Forms and Requirements

If your request meets one of the below qualifications have the following form filled out by your unit's commander and submit:






Once you have a completed request form, submit via JOTFORM work request.

We will then contact you to confirm date/time.


The photographic studio must provide support for the following missions:

1. General officer portraits. 

2. Portraits for displays of the chain of command. This includes commanders from the squadron up to the wing or garrison level in unit hierarchy, as well as command chiefs and first sergeants.

3. Key staff from prominent support agencies such as the wing or installation IG, sexual assault response coordinators, area defense counsel, equal opportunity, and others not listed here.

4. Application processes for special duty assignments in accordance with AFMAN 36-2032, Military Recruiting and Accessions.

5. Applications for special programs or specialized units.

6. Required support via memorandum of agreement to isolated organizations from other branches of the DoD which have no organic support. Memorandums of agreement should include unit monetary reimbursement for any requirements involving unique photographic equipment, all expendable photo supplies, etc.

7. Support for official passports (as required), isolated personnel report photos for aircrews, and other administrative or contingency mission items. 

8. Any request for photographic studio support not listed above but specifically approved by the wing or garrison commander. 



PA Guidelines

The 82nd Training Wing Public Affairs Office photo studio provides portrait support IAW Attachment 5 of AFI 35-109, VISUAL INFORMATION. The photo studio also supports application processes for special duty assignments IAW AFI 36-2002, Regular Air Force and Special Category Accessions, applications for special programs or specialized units, and all requirements in AFI 36-2805, Special Trophies and Awards.

Each studio customer is responsible for preparing his or her uniform to comply with AFI 36-2903, Dress and Appearance. If you need to change at the studio, please set aside an allotted amount of time prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Personnel must provide the required Award or Special Duty Package requirements, such as photograph size, pose, digital only or number of prints, etc., and notify the photographer of the requirements prior to the appointment time. Photos for personal use are strictly prohibited.

Photos will not be modified or edited beyond the necessary cropping and minor lighting adjustments in accordance with DoDI 5040.5, Alteration of Official DoD Imagery, and DoDI 5040.02, Visual Information.

Portraits will be e-mailed at the end of the duty day. Photos will not be printed with the exception of Chain of Command (squadron-level and above including commanders or equivalent, command chief master sergeants, group and squadron superintendents and first sergeants)