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Command Information

Everyone has a story to tell, right? We're here to help you do that! The 82nd TRW/PA Command Information Section is here to increase awareness and understanding of the missions of Sheppard Air Force Base, its capabilities, policies, priorities and programs. We are just one way leadership can communicate with military and civilian Airmen, contractors, dependents, beneficiaries, the general public and many more.

Our objectives are to:
1. Leverage new and optimize existing technology to link Sheppard professionals and leaders through a free flow of timely, accurate and relevant news and information as well as support and amplify the efforts of community and media outreach.
2. Enhance Airmen morale and readiness by helping them understand their role(s) at Sheppard and in the Air Force, how Department of the Air Force policies, programs and operations affect them, and how to effectively communicate their story.

Examples of CI coverage include articles/videos about:
• Daily operations, installation policies and programs, innovation in the classroom, and more.
• Mission features that highlight technical and flying training operations
• DV visits
• Volunteer and environmental projects
• ***Changes of Command
• ***Promotion and retirement ceremonies

***Some limitations may apply depending on the Public Affairs Employment Plan Matrix.

Story submissions and/or story ideas should be sent to the Public Affairs office via email at

Event Support Requests

Sheppard AFB and its surrounding communities have enjoyed strong relationships and partnerships throughout the installation's history dating back to the time when Army Air Corps personnel first visited North Texas in search of a new training location. Base personnel are encouraged to participate in community events to foster those partnership

Sheppard offers the following programs to the surrounding community:
• Speakers Bureau (Speaker Request Form)
• Special Activity Team (Request for Support )
• Tour Request (Event Request Form)

Complete the corresponding form for your request and send via email to the 82nd Training Wing Public Affairs Office at or by fax (940) 676-4245 no later than 3-4 weeks prior to the date of the event.

Request for Volunteers

Many service members actively volunteer on their off-duty time in a variety of charitable organizations, schools and churches in their communities. Their participation is strictly a personal choice and is not regulated by the Department of Defense. 

Send an email request to the 82nd Training Wing Public Affairs Office with the following information:
Event Date/Time:
Volunteer Times:
Misc Info:
To sign up/get more info:
*Submitting a request does not guarantee you will receive support.

Graphics/Poster Requests

The graphics operation that was formerly part of the Sheppard PA shop has transitioned to the 367th Training Support Squadron based out of Hill AFB, Utah, to better align its function with the expansive training development services of The Griffin. For 20-plus years, the 367th TRSS has been providing training solutions for maintenance communities across the Air Force through the combination of technical solutions and subject matter experts.

While the alignment of the graphics operations has changed, most services customers at Sheppard AFB are used to receiving will remain unchanged. For example, that position will still provide support for technical training and wing-level requests including: vinyl door lettering, posters and other requests. All request will vetted/approved by the 367th Project Management Office and entered into a queue to be worked as resources are available.

To receive graphic support, customers must first submit an AF Form 833 to The work order request will be reviewed by the Program Management Office to make sure the project meets AFI requirements and availability. Questions can be sent to the above email address, or customers can call DSN 777-4997 or Commercial 801-777-4997.

Contact information

Sheppard Public Affairs
419 Avenue G, Bldg. 400, Ste. 129
Sheppard AFB, TX 76311


For work tracking purposes, the 82nd TRW/PA office requires customers to complete a detailed work request to initiate the support process. Staff will review the request to ensure it meets mission requirements. Click here to fill out the work order request form. 

Media Requests

All media queries and requests for interviews must be coordinated through the public affairs office. We look forward to working with media outlets to share our Air Force story.

Civic Outreach

Public Affairs is the focal point for providing information on Sheppard Air Force Base issues, programs and base events to Airmen, the community and members of the news media. The staff provides speakers for civic organizations in the community and is the commander's liaison between the base and local media organizations. All media requests concerning Sheppard people, programs and events must be coordinated through Public Affairs.


Aerial Requests

Community Relations helps facilitate flyovers and static display requests that Sheppard AFB performs nationwide. To start a request, you will need to submit a DD Form 2535 online at and receive approval from the Air Force Aerial Events office at the Pentagon.
Once you have approval from the Pentagon, flyovers are considered for aviation-related and patriotic observances held in conjunction with Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, POW/MIA Day or Veterans Day. There are some exceptions to policies; those not meeting the criteria can possibly be approved one-time only as an Exception-to-Policy event, provided there is sufficient rationale for support. *The request process takes approximately 90 days to complete.

Hometown News

Want to let folks back home know about your accomplishments? Visit Defense Media Activity's Joint Hometown News Release website and click on "Click here to get started!" Complete the online DD Form 2266 and submit it for distribution.