Our office is a blend of civilian employees, NCOs, and Senior NCOs who are subject matter experts in various career fields to include Instructor roles and responsibilities, Personnelist, Aircraft Maintenance, and Communications.

We provide the 82d TRW Commander a comprehensive inspection and readiness program by conducting thorough inspections and developing and executing realistic readiness exercises to mitigate risk of undetected non-compliance.

Commander’s Inspection Program (CCIP) is designed to ensure units are always mission ready.  Under CCIP, the wing undergoes a continuous evaluation cycle, thereby eliminating the need to ramp up inspection prep every few years.  This philosophy is "mission-ready equals inspection-ready."  Inspector General's Inspections office continuously validates and verifies data input into MICT through a combination of scheduled and no-notice inspections.  AETC/IG will virtually inspect a sampling of units and programs within MICT monthly, and only visit the 82 TRW one week every 30 – 33 months to conduct a hands-on Unit Effectiveness Inspection.

As units complete compliance checklists in MICT and assess all regulatory guidance, they are required to not only self-identify deficiencies, but also determine root-cause analysis and develop corrective action plans to achieve compliance.  82 TRW CCIP Business Rules is a comprehensive set of rules developed to facilitate a robust Unit Self-Assessment Program.


Director of Inspections: (940) 676-3158

WIT Manager: (940) 676-1352

CCIP Manager: (940) 676-6547

Chief of Exercise Planning: (940) 676-8998

Superintendent of Wing Exercises: (940) 676-6102