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  • Hotter'N Hell set to blaze through Sheppard

    The 38th Annual Hotter’N Hell Hundred is set to blaze through North Texas on Aug. 24, 2019, including a portion that sends thousands of riders through Sheppard AFB.
  • Sheppard in Photos

    SHEPPARD AIR FORCE BASE, Texas – This week's Sheppard in Photos highlights training from the 362nd, 365th and 366th Training Squadrons.
  • 82nd TRW faculty development tests avatar-based counseling platform

    The 82nd Training Wing Faculty Development Flight is jumping on board the technology train to teach new technical training instructors an old technique in a tried-and-true, yet innovative way – simulation. Basic Instructor Course students are provided an overview of the technology they are about to experience during the roughly 10-minute counseling simulation scenario, which can range in topics from suicide and depression to purposefully failing and mental aptitude.
  • Sheppard AFB, wind energy reps improve communication

    A fine line exists between sustaining wind energy development and securing safe operating areas used for military installations, but it’s a balance that can be reached, a Texas A&M University Natural Resources Institute official said here Aug. 8.
  • Sheppard in Photos

    Whether it's flight training or technical training, the training never stops. Check out this week's Sheppard in Photos to see what's been going on.
  • 82nd CONS revamps customer education

    Airmen are called to be innovative and develop creative solutions to work efficiently, accomplish the mission and remain the world’s greatest Air Force.
  • Sheppard in Photos

    Orange you glad for more Sheppard in Photos?
  • Ohio native ACEs Aerospace Propulsion course

    Girardot was awarded the ACE award after passing the Aerospace Propulsion apprentice course at Sheppard AFB, the course consists of nine blocks of instruction fit into 72 days.
  • Sheppard CGO Council named 1st Qtr Top CGOC at Air Force level

    Before this quarter is over we at Sheppard Air Force Base would like to congratulate our Company Grade Officer Council which was named the 1st Quarter Top CGOC at the Air Force level.
  • Sheppard in Photos

    Birds have wings, and that's cool... But we have giant F110 turbofan engines capable of having 13,820 rpm and if you want to, attach a propeller onto it AND we have trained professionals to work on it... checkmate, birds.

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