The 82nd Training Wing Registrar provides a last line of defense for accuracy in student technical training information. The registrar office maintains direct liaison between Training Groups, Squadrons, Detachments and the Training Wing for Sheppard AFB. We work directly with Squadron Training Managers, Instructor Supervisors, Instructors and Military Training Leaders as well as both the Air National Guard and Reserve components to ensure that student technical training records are correct and complete. The registrar also provides student tracking support throughout the base and conducts training trend data analysis. The registrar office is the point of contact for many training related verification processes for graduates of a technical training course at Sheppard AFB.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. What records are available?
There are two distinct record verifications the Registrar’s Office supplies upon proper request (AETC Form 156, Student Record of Training, and authentication of training completed). We do not provide copies of certificates of completion, HVAC certificates, DD-214’s, College Transcripts (CCAF), NDI hours of completion, ancillary training records, etc.

2. What is an AETC Form 156
AETC Form 156 is a “report card” supplying student training information pertaining to the record of attendance at a SAFB Technical Training schoolhouse while preparing for an AFSC or other occupation as an Airman. It also can be an official document to prove successful completion of training.

3. How is an AETC Form 156 used?
The AETC Form 156 can be requested by the Service Member as an official document to verify attendance in a particular training course. Upon the discretion of Registrar Staff, UTM’s and other officials can request Form 156’s with the consent of the member (graduation from a technical training course indicates a correlation with the proficiency code on the CFETP- usually at the “A”), these requests are weighted on their merits and cannot be a part of disciplinary action. Employment screening companies request Form 156 information to determine attendance, class start and class grad as a part of their vetting process.

4. Are AETC Form 156’s issued upon graduation?
No, that practice was discontinued some time ago due to the burdensome workload and staffing limitations. No bulk issues.

5. What is the process to request Training Records for a course attended at Sheppard AFB?
Records requested follow strict adherence to the provisions of the Privacy Act of 1974 and require a signed release of information by the requestor. The form should be filled out as completely as possible (including name at the time of training (first, last MI), course name, dates of attendance, social security number) and returned using proper encryption to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII). We have limited records available for training conducted at the following bases:
Altus AFB – (Year 1987)
Chanute AFB – (Years 1984-1994)
Lowery AFB – (Years 1986 -1994)

6. Where Can I send the request?
Requests that are specific to a Technical Training course attended through the 82nd Training Wing (82TRW) at Sheppard AFB can be addressed as follows: (Allow up to 4 weeks).
Mailing address:
82 TRW/TOR, Registrar Office
503 H Ave., Bldg. 558, Room 104,
Sheppard AFB TX 76311-2743.
     Commercial: 940-676-5241
     DSN: 736-5241

7. I attended training at Sheppard AFB in 1985 do you have my records?
No, we can only verify records dating back 30 years. If it is past that you must contact the National Achives using the SF 180 and follow directions on that form.
Toll Free- (866) 272-6272 (or) (314) 801-0800.

8. Other contacts:

All Sheppard Medical Course Verifications have moved to Fort Sam Houston, in San Antonio, TX. When obtaining information on how to verify Sheppard Medical Training:
Department of the Air Force
59th TRSS Registrar Office
Heritage Hall (MIF #2), Rm 2-220
2931 Harney Road, 2nd Floor
Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234

Comm: 210-808-6723/6724/6725
DSN: 420-6723/6724/6725

Please contact us and we will do our best to help you contact other AETC Registrars’ Offices (i.e. Lackland, Keesler, etc.).
Comm: 210-808-6725 or 6724
DSN: 420-6725 or 6724