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Sheppard Cares

Sheppard AFB provides a wide variety of services to support Airmen and their families. 

To learn what's happening this month, check out the Sheppard Community Board.

To quickly find and register for classes available on base, click the Leadership Pathways logo to the right. 

For more specific help, call one of the agencies below:

·  ADAPT Clinic - 676-6155: Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Assessment and Treatment.

·  Airmen & Family Readiness - 676-4358: Air Force Aid Society, Personal Financial Management, Family Readiness, Employment Assistance, Transition & Relocation Assistance, Personal and Work Life Assistance.

·  Chaplain - 676-4370: Worship Services, Religious Education & Issues Counseling, Marriage & Family
Counseling, Work & Personal Issues Counseling, Grief Counseling.

·  Child & Youth Services - 676-2038 (Child Development Center); 676-5437 (Youth Center): See the
82nd Force Support Squadron web site for more information.

·  Equal Opportunity - 676-4393: Assistance with Human Relations, Sexual Harassment or Unlawful Discrimination Issues, Workplace Conflict & Mediation.

·  Family Advocacy - 676-2271/7239: New Parent Support & Parent Education, Marital and Relationship Counseling, Domestic Abuse Prevention and Assistance, Anger & Stress Management, Family Resource Library.

·  Health Promotions - 676-6003/5831: Smoking Cessation, Nutrition Counseling, Weight Management, Bod Pod Assessments.

·  Legal Office - 676-4262: Wills, Estate Planning, Legal Readiness, Consumer Protection, Landlord-Tenant Relations, Personal Property Claims, Notary Services, Powers of Attorney, Adoption, Bankruptcy and other legal assistance for authorized beneficiaries.

·  Medical Services - 676-1847 (Appointment Line); 676-3290 (Patient Advocate): See the 82nd Medical Group web site for comprehensive information.

·  Mental Health Clinic - 676-6075: Individual and Marriage Therapy, Psychological & Psychiatric Evaluations, Medication Management, Suicide Prevention.

·  Military Family Life Counselors - 781-6531: Independent, Licensed Counselors Available to Assist Any Member of the Sheppard Family·         

·  Professional Development Center (PDC) 676-7797: Sheppard’s PDC is the hub for furthering professional development and is the home of the First Term Airman Center.  The services offered are Airmen, NCO, SNCO, and Junior Officer Professional Enhancement Seminars.  Other services offered are Informed Decision Briefs,  Career Counseling, any additional briefs or professional development events needed by the base populace.  See Sheppard Professional Development SharePoint at for additional information.

·  Sexual Assault Prevention and Response - 676-7272 (SAPR HOTLINE); 676-0365 (Office): Sexual Assault Prevention, Reporting and Victim Assistance. Sexual Assault Reporting Options

·  Special Victims’ Counsel - (325) 654-5225 or DSN 477-5225: Independent legal counsel and advice for victims of sexual assault.

·  Voting Assistance - 676-4313/4495: Find out what you need to know to fulfill your duties as a citizen and vote! Air Force Voting

For more information on these or other base services, visit the Sheppard Cares page.