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Sheppard Spouses' Club

The Sheppard Spouses' Club is the result of combing the Sheppard Officer's Spouses' Club and the Enlisted Spouses' Club, two organizations that have worked for years as volunteers for the betterment of spouses and to promote charitable activities for military and civilian communities. The organizations merged in 2018 because they are "Stronger Together!" The SSC welcomes all spouses of the Sheppard AFB community including spouses or widows/widowers of military ID card holders of any rank or service whether they're active, Reserve, Guard or international.

For more information, visit their Facebook page or search for search for Sheppard Spouses' Club.

The SSC operates as a private, non-profit organization as defined in Air Force Instruction 34-223 and in accordance with all applicable civil and military laws and regulations.

Sheppard Cares

Sheppard Cares is a single-source site of agencies on Sheppard Air Force Base that support Airmen and their families. Agencies include Airmen & Family Readiness; ADAPT Clinic Services; Chapel; Equal Opportunity; Family Advocacy; Health Promotion Services; Legal; Mental Health; Sexual Assault  Prevention and Response; Special Victims' Counsel; Voting Assistance; and Youth Programs. Click here for more information on each agency.

Retiree Update

Thousands of military service members from all branches of service have chosen the North Texas area as their place of retirement, and Sheppard Air Force Base is likely the location at which they receive most, if not all, of their retiree benefits. The Sheppard Retiree Activities Office serves as liaison between the retiree community, their surviving spouses and Sheppard. The Retiree Update is a source of information that touches on topics including heathcare, retiree pay, VA benefits and more. 

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