Wing recognizes award nominees at Medallion Ceremony

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  • By John Ingle
  • 82nd Training Wing

SHEPPARD AIR FORCE BASE, Texas – Nominees for 82nd Training Wing Annual and Technical Training Awards for 2020 were recognized at the base theater Feb. 25, 2021, during a Medallion Ceremony.

Brig. Gen. Kenyon Bell, 82nd Training Wing commander, and Chief Master Sgt. Wayne Jones, interim 82nd TRW command chief master sergeant, officiated the event. Winners will be announced during a ceremony Feb. 26, 2021.

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Nominees for Annual Awards include:

Airman of the Year: Senior Airman Latavia King, 82nd Mission Support Group; Airman 1st Class Jaylen Sherrod, 982nd TRG; Airman 1st Class Nicole Miller, 82nd TRG; Senior Airman Malaysia Jones, 82nd Medical Group; and Airman 1st Class Madison Russell, WSA.

NCO of the Year: Tech. Sgt. Henry Taylor II, 82nd MSG; Tech. Sgt. Ashley Banta, 782nd TRG; Tech. Sgt. Andrew McKinney, 982nd TRG; Staff Sgt. Blake Coble, 82nd TRG; Tech. Sgt. Detrick Hysaw, 82nd MDG; and Staff Sgt. McKenzie Everett, WSA.

Senior NCO of the Year: Master Sgt. Tiffany Hallmark, 82nd MSG; Master Sgt. Adam Hills, 782nd TRG; Master Sgt. Benjamin Smith, 982nd TRG; Master Sgt. Clifford Daniels, 82nd TRG; Master Sgt. Traci England, 82nd MDG; and Master Sgt. Alicia Pummill, WSA.

Company Grade Officer of the Year: Capt. Thomas Hatten Jr., 82nd MSG; Capt. Marlene Waterman, 982nd TRG; 2nd Lt. Angela Owusuaa, 82nd TRG; Capt. Kelly Hall, 82nd MDG; and 1st Lt. Desirae Trenary, WSA.

Field Grade Officer of the Year: Maj. Scott Davis, 82nd MSG; Maj. Rebecca Hess, 782nd TRG; Maj. Joseph Wyatt, 82nd TRG; Maj. Daniel Bazua, 82nd MDG; and Maj. Kennard Keeton II, WSA.

Honor Guard Member of the Year: Airman 1st Class Young Kim, 82nd MSG; Senior Airman Philip Raach, 80th Flying Training Wing; Staff Sgt. Alex Cantone, 82nd MDG; and Tech. Sgt. Colton Gerber, 782nd TRG.

Civilian, Category I Non-supervisory of the Year: Michael Guill, 82nd MSG; Geneva McLean, 782nd TRG; Melanie Maynard, 982nd TRG; Veronica Veronda, 82nd MDG; and Bonnie Phillips, WSA.

Civilian, Category II Non-supervisory of the Year: Paul Bethel, 82nd MSG; Wade Headlee, 782nd TRG; Lee Cisco, 982nd TRG; Lance Adamy, 82nd TRG; Steven Abeyta, 82nd MDG; and Jessica Scott, WSA.

Civilian, Category III Non-supervisory of the Year: Edward Jones, 82nd MSG; Timothy Clouse, 782nd TRG; Mary Davis, 982nd TRG; Raymond Lapham, 82nd TRG; Vineed Kumar, 82nd MDG; and Brent Boydston, WSA.

Civilian, Category II Supervisory of the Year: Monica Conner, 82nd MSG.

Civilian, Category III Supervisory of the Year: Terry Ard, 82nd MSG; Larry Shumaker, 782nd MSG; David Ackerman, 982nd TRG; Russell Hale, 82nd TRG; and Curtis Lewis, 82nd MDG.

First Sergeant of the Year: Senior Master Sgt. Robert Karm, 82nd MSG; Master Sgt. Russ Parries, 782nd TRG; Master Sgt. Brian Joscher, 982nd TRG; and Master Sgt. Lisa Sharp, 82nd TRG.

Military Volunteer of the Year: Airman 1st Class Alexandra Henderson, 82nd MSG; and Tech. Sgt. James Gallegos, 82nd TRG.

Civilian Volunteer of the Year: Robin Hart, 82nd MSG.

Key Spouse of the Year: Amber Simpson, 782nd TRG; Lainie Norman, 82nd MSG; and Sheena McMillian, 82nd TRG.


Nominees for Technical Training awards include:

Military Training Leader of the Year: Staff Sgt. Anthony Hayes, 82nd Training Group; Staff Sgt. Javone Mars, 381st TRG; Tech. Sgt. Barry McCool, 782nd TRG; and Tech Sgt. Jessica Boyanton.

Tech Training Officer Instructor of the Year: Capt. Eric DuFour, 82nd TRG; and Capt. Richard Barone, 381st TRG.

Tech Training Senior NCO Instructor of the Year: Master Sgt. Robert Furnier, 82nd TRG; Master Sgt. Joshua Norris, 381st TRG; Master Sgt. Dwight Richards, 782nd TRG; and Master Sgt. Aaron Bingham, 982nd TRG.

Tech Training NCO Instructor of the Year: Tech. Sgt. Mark Rocamontes, 82nd TRG; Tech Sgt. Garrett Clark, 381st TRG; Tech. Sgt. Justin Spycher, 782nd TRG; Tech. Sgt. Tahime Green, 982nd TRG; and Staff Sgt. Matthew McKenna, Wing Staff Agencies.

Tech Training Junior Enlisted Instructor of the Year: Senior Airman Brandon Blackwell, 982nd TRG.

Tech Training Civilian Instructor of the Year: Justin Davis, 82nd TRG; Douglas Field, 381st TRG; Anthony Gravitt, 782nd TRG; and Ricky Holt, 982nd TRG.

Tech Training Flight Commander or Flight Chief of the Year: Master Sgt. Jason Hicks, 82nd TRG; Maj. Joseph Wyatt, 381st TRG; Master Sgt. Timothy Brady, 782nd TRG; and Master Sgt. Eric Macias, 982nd TRG.

Tech Training Squadron of the Year: 362nd Training Squadron, 82nd TRG; 532nd TRS, 381st TRG: 364th TRS, 782nd TRG; and 373rd TRS, 982nd TRG.

Training Support Officer of the Year: Capt. Christophe Mateo, 82nd TRG; Maj. Ryan Frank, 381st TRG; and Maj. Rebecca Hess, 782nd TRG.

Training Support Senior NCO of the Year: Master Sgt. Evan Hallmark, 82nd TRG; Master Sgt. Betty Puma, 381st TRG; Master Sgt. Adam Shura, 782nd TRG; and Master Sgt. Tyler Owens, 982nd TRG.

Training Support NCO of the Year: Staff Sgt. Lady Sanchez; 82nd TRG; Tech. Sgt. Kira Whiting, 381st TRG; Tech. Sgt. Shannon Van Roekel, 782nd TRG; and Tech. Sgt. Chad Myers, 982nd TRG.

Training Support Junior Enlisted of the Year: Senior Airman Juan Aboytes, 381st TRG; and Senior Airman Gunnar Lund, 982nd TRG.

Training Support Civilian, Category I Non-supervisory of the Year: Rebecca Bryson, 82nd TRG.

Training Support Civilian, Category II Non-supervisory of the Year: Zaineb Clark, 82nd TRG; Erwin Ocampo, 381st TRG; George Mendoza, 782nd TRG; and Albert Derubbio, 982nd TRG.

Training Support Civilian Supervisor of the Year: Jessica Morrison, 82nd TRG; Arthur Fitchie, 782nd TRG; and Michael Hawkins, 982nd TRG.

Training Support Flight Command or Flight Chief of the Year: Master Sgt. Anthony Sanchez, 381st TRG; and Daniel DeMers, 982nd TRG.

Training Support Squadron of the Year: 381st Training Support Squadron, 381st TRG; and 367th TRSS, 982nd TRG.