• Winning the battle against litter

    Sheppard Air Force Base controls construction site storm water runoff by utilizing best management practices such as vegetative swales and silt fencing, but these efforts do not completely eliminate the pollutants introduced into water sources from construction sites. Construction site managers

  • Keeping Team Sheppard healthy

    The 82d AMDS Public Health Flight, Trainee Health Clinic and Health and Wellness Center are encouraging Sheppard Air Force Base residents to take measures during this time of year to help prevent the spread of germs that can cause illness. In addition to the standard cold and flu-like symptoms

  • If It's in the Air, Maintenance Put it There: Avionics Systems Specialists

    The U.S. Air Force has a very broad range of air and space missions, including combat operations, humanitarian aid, disaster relief and keeping an eye on enemies - old and new. In order to accomplish these missions, the Air Force relies on its aircraft. The Air Force can call on the roaring guns of

  • Confessions of a pro powerlifter

    I have spent long nights, toiled countless hours and sacrificed more than I could ever imagine. Though some may recognize what I do and others will not, I have put in time and energy into something that at once consumed me and awakened an unknown passion. I am a professional powerlifter and this is

  • Biggest energy management asset is you

    October is Energy Awareness month, and with the "I am AF Energy" campaign in effect, stories related to energy efficiency are being highlighted across the Air Force. Reports on energy managers that save millions of dollars with large scale projects cover wing newsletters and fill our inboxes.

  • Revisions to Texas proxy marriage laws affect military members

    The Sheppard Law Center would like to publicize the following information regarding recent legislative changes to marriage by proxy in Texas. Effective Sept. 1, individuals seeking to marry a servicemember by proxy must provide an affidavit stating that the absent applicant is a member of the U.S.

  • All the water on earth IS all the water on earth

    How often do you think about stormwater runoff?According to the Environmental Protection Agency, "stormwater runoff from construction activities can impact water quality. As stormwater flows over construction activity, it can pick up pollutants like sediment, debris, and chemicals and transport

  • Women’s Equality Day, We’ve Come a Long Way

    Sometimes change seems to take forever, and when it happens, we often find ourselves asking, "Why are we just now doing this?" To me, Women's suffrage in America is an example of just that; positive change that was a long time coming. Since 1971, on August 26 of each year, we celebrate Women's

  • Team provides comfort in face of tragedy

    Early in the morning July 19, 2013, I was sipping my coffee when a text message from my flight commander came through. One of our planes had crashed! There were no more details available at the moment, but as the traumatic stress response chief, I was ready for the team to be activated. Fortunately

  • Mercury and it's effect on the environment

    Throughout Texas there is an element that is capable of seeping through the environment, and puts others at risk. It's highly toxic, silvery, odorless and heavy; Mercury. It is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature. Mercury is found in thermometers, barometers, thermostats, manometers,