Support Airman of the Week: TSgt. Mayberry


Tech Sgt. Paul Mayberry, 373rd Training Squadron C-5 curriculum development manager and native of Albany, Georgia, has been in the Air Force for 15 years and is the Support Airman of the Week at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, for the week of July 25 – Aug. 1, 2017.


Most significant accomplishments:


“I am most proud of sustaining a 15 year marriage while serving in the military,” Mayberry said. “The Air Force presents its own, distinct set of challenges and I am grateful to have a wife that is smart enough to understand, and strong enough to steady our family. Additionally, we have created an environment where we have one daughter in college and the other living in a world where she is not considering Harvard because she doesn’t like the way they drive up there. They’re both very smart.”


“I can’t help but think we have provided them with even better choices than what were provided to us and that makes me smile,” he continued. “And finally, being able to launch my own podcast, ‘The Free Therapy Show,’ gives me the opportunity to voice my thoughts on the things I find interesting.”


Airman’s story:


“I love living and being alive,” he said. “When I say living, I mean going out and seeing and doing things that I find interesting: traveling, concerts, sporting events, meeting my heroes, those are the things that make me feel most alive and I am grateful to be in the position to do so.”


“I am a huge fan of what the Air Force offers in terms of transitioning into adult life,” Mayberry said. “The structure it gave me, and the confidence that has grown within me has helped me provide for my family while accomplishing goals that I had cast to the side, like getting my own bachelor’s degree and now pursuing a master’s degree. I am not a recruiter by any means and I tell everyone that up front, my path was my path, but I do love to tell everyone my story and I am able to credit the Air Force and those mentors that I have met along the way with helping me achieve many of the goals I set for myself.”


Supervisor comments:


“Sergeant Mayberry manages field training maintenance curriculum for C-5 Aircraft,” said Master Sgt. Jason Dacanay, curriculum manager. “He ensures training content and documents are up to date with current Air Education and Training Command directives and policies. He ensures training materials are correct for 33 courses to 31 instructors who teach more than 4,000 hours and graduate more than 850 students annually. His courses are designed to teach advanced aircraft maintenance to Airmen already working in those career fields and are critical to the maintainer’s development.”