New module makes medical clearance process easier

Airmen's medical clearance reviews to be processed easier

Airmen's medical clearance reviews to be processed easier. Airmen can now select reviews through their "MyIMR" accounts. (Air Force Graphic)

SHEPPARD AIR FORCE BASE, Texas — The process has gotten a little easier for those seeking a medical clearance review ranging from retraining and reclassification to retirement and separation.

Maj. Joanna Nelms, 82nd Aerospace Medicine Squadron chief of Aerospace Medical Services at Sheppard Air Force Base, said active duty members can now begin the medical clearance process through myIMR located on the Air Force Portal. Some of the different clearances will require a visit to a doctor for an exam, whereas others can be accomplished through a simple records review.

The previous process required members to go in person to a medical treatment facility to begin the medical review process, which was time consuming for those on both sides of the counter. The new method takes people where most processes typically begin today — online.

The following medical reviews can be initiated through myIMR:

       Retraining and reclassification.


       Initial flying class physicals.

       Special duty.

       Development Specialty Duty.

       Overseas and Continental U.S. permanent-change-of-station moves requiring an AF Form 422.

       Palace Chase and Palace Front.

       PME attendance requiring an AF Form 422.

“Old-school way, you would actually have to come in and see your provider for overseas clearance and things like that rather than just being able to electronically review a record and determine if the member has to have a face-to-face visit with the provider,” said Staff Sgt. Heather Tolle, NCO in charge of the 82nd AMDS Base Operation Medical Cell. “So, just by going through a member’s record, if they have a whole bunch of previous encounters and you look at previous diagnosis or referral notes, you can determine if the member needs to have a follow up with a provider prior to getting that clearance.”

Nelms said with the new process, providers can now go into some clearance requests after the initial review by a technician and simply sign off on the review.

Lilia Woods, 82nd AMDS Medical Standard Management Element, said the process begins when the Airman accesses myIMR and requests a medical clearance in a central database that reduces lag time. But, there is more to it than a simple request. The system is designed to drill down to the specific type of clearance that is being requested.

A technician is then able to review the initial request and, based on the questions answered, determine whether or not the Airman will need to see a physician as part of the clearance process. If needed, a technician can communicate with the requester if more information is needed, for example, before a visit determination can be made.

The new process rolled out Air Force-wide in October 2017, but the 82nd Medical Group used the time from October through December as a staff training and test period. The online initiation platform was available for more Sheppard Airmen beginning Jan. 1.

A time-saving benefit, so to speak, for Airmen needing the clearance and those conducting the review process is the requester can follow the progress on myIMR. Most clearances can be completed within seven to 10 duty days.

For more information, call 940-676-6509.