Inspector General UEI results highlight 120 top performers

The results following the Inspector General inspections highlight 120 top performers. (U.S. Air Force photo/2nd Lt. Brittany Curry)

The results following the Inspector General inspections highlight 120 top performers. (U.S. Air Force photo/2nd Lt. Brittany Curry)


Sheppard’s office of the Inspector General named 120 Airmen and civilians as top performers in April’s Capstone Unit Effectiveness Inspection.


UEI’s occur during a continual evaluation period that assesses the wing’s performance throughout the inspection cycle of 24 to 30 months for active duty and Air Force Reserve Command Wings and 48 to 60 months for Air National Guard Wings.


The results of this UEI not only highlighted 120 individual Airmen as top performers, but also noted the 982nd Training Group as “impressive” considering the fact they have more than 60 geographically separated units across the globe.


Congratulations to everyone who displayed exemplary mission readiness.



Jesse Johnson, 82nd FSS



Blaise Eisenbeil, 362nd TRS


1st Lieutenants

Keisha Meyer, 82nd LRS

Chawntel Vega, 82nd AMDS


2nd Lieutenant

Jill Ochoa, 82nd MDSS


Senior Master Sergeant

Derek Shewmake, 982nd MXS


Master Sergeants

Adam Barnes, 366th TRS

Kenneth Coches, 366th TRS

Leandro Conterassanchez, 359th TRS

Sean Costello, 359th TRS

William Enos, 372nd TRS

Andrea Flores, 82nd TRW

Shawn Hindes, 982nd TRG

Joshua Horton, 366th TRS

Erik Kast, 362nd TRS

Brandon King, 82nd MDG

Edmund Lubinsky, 361st TRS

Michael Marksberry, 82nd FSS

Daniel Nienhaus, 82nd TRW

Michael Pasley, 366th TRS

Brian Ramirez, 782nd TRG

Jun Shin, 82nd AMDS

Erick Trusty, 82nd SFS

James Wagner, 373rdTRS


Technical Sergeants

Dianida Aguilar, 82nd MDOS

Brandon Bowers, 359th TRS

Kelly Byrd, 82nd FSS

Mindy Dahl, 82nd CPTS

Willie Davis, 82nd CONS

Kari Dell’Orso, 82nd FSS

Christopher Doss, 367th TRSS

Rocky Edwardsknode, 366th TRS

Eric Godinez, 82nd SFS

Matthew Hulsman, 366th TRS

David Ingalls, 362nd TRS

Twyla Keyes, 363rd TRS

Elizabeth Kopp, 364th TRS

Jerrel Malonzo, 364th TRS

Ryan McCune, 361st TRS

Lindsey Ming, 363rd TRS

Mitchell Moore, 362nd TRS

Kaimi Pacheco, 367th TRSS

Terel Patterson, 361st TRS

Hunter Pettit, 363rd TRS

Leeanne Phillips, 363TRS

Nicole Rios, 82nd TRW

James Romig, 82nd MDSS

Oscar Santana, 364th TRS

Amy Schwiesow, 82nd TRW

Jason Sypula, 365th TRS

Daniel Turba, 364th TRS

Charles Wathen, 364th TRS


Staff Sergeants

Isaac Adimora, 82nd AMDS

Austin Bryan, 361st TRS

Joshua Chevalier, 363rd TRS

Katherine Coulstring, 367th TRSS

Travis Deck, 82nd TRW

Johnathan Franco, 362nd TRS

Nathan Ganster, 362 TRS

Karl Jackson, 365th TRS

Stephanie Johnson, 82nd MDOS

Robert Kusina, 365th TRS

Joseph Lillis, 359th TRS

Joshua McDonough, 362nd TRS

Shelita Muldrow, 82nd LRS

Damon Orlando, 362nd TRS

Joseph Pizzo, 367th TRSS

Jacqueline Snider, 82nd DS

Caleb Wines, 82nd SFS


Senior Airmen

Felicia Golden, 82nd FSS

Aaron Scholz, 82nd CS



Steven Abyeta, 82nd MDSS

John Adams, 82nd FSS

Barry Alcorn, 82nd SFS

Kim Alfred, 82nd LRS

Michael Battaglino, 362nd TRS

Jason Bell, 82nd CS

Lisa Black, 82nd FSS

Sam Bolton, 82nd CONS

Avery Borders, 82nd FSS

Sibastian Bythewood, 82nd FSS

Jeffery Cahill, 82nd MDG

Elizabeth Clements, 82nd FSS

Tondra Clifton, 361st TRS

Rodney Coburn, 365th TRS

Angela Eakin, 82nd FSS

Mia Enderlein, 82nd CES

David Everett, 365th TRS

Cheryl Felix, 366th TRS

Monica Findlay, 982nd MXS

Sandra Fortunas, 82nd FSS

Robert Hemmingson, 364th TRS

Audrey Herwig-Mendoza, 82nd TRW

Jose Huezo, 82nd CES

Katherine Johnson, 82nd TRW

Linda Kinghtstep, 363rd TRS

Scott McCabe, 365th TRS

Scott Morrow, 365th TRS

David Nelson, 82nd MSG

Michael Nowicki, 362nd TRS

Gina Orue, 982nd MXS

Daniel Peterman, 364th TRS

Elizabeth Peveto, 365th TRS

Steven Prescott, 82nd FSS

Gregory Pritt, 361st TRS

Todd Raines, 82nd CONS

Francis Rivera, 82nd FSS

Karen Ross, 82nd FSS

Robert Rudolph, 82nd CS

David Satterfield, 82nd FSS

Michelle Schroeder, 82nd FSS

Ashlee Shannon, 82nd FSS

Melissa Sibayan, 82nd FSS

Keith Smail, 82nd TRG

Theresa Wachter, 82nd FSS

Terrie Welch, 82nd FSS

David West, 361st TRS

Deborah Wheatley, 82nd FSS

Lori Wilson, 363rd TRS