82nd Training Group



82nd Training Group

The 82nd Training Group is responsible for technical training career fields including aircraft maintenance and armament and munitions including nuclear munitions. The 82nd TRG provides aircraft maintenance and munitions training to satisfy the full range of customer requirements for respective apportioned United States Air Force specialties, including officer and enlisted initial skills courses in 17 different Air Force Specialty Codes, advanced and supplemental courses, the Maintenance Course for Operational Commanders, and the Mission Generation Road Course. The training group has four squadrons including three at Sheppard and one at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.

Mission: To provide effective and efficient aircraft maintenance, munitions and military training to build strengthen and sustain global combat capability.




  • Over 19,300 annual graduates
  • 124 resident, mobile and distance learning courses
  • Instructors, military training leaders and support staff totals approximately 800

Email: 82trgccea@us.af.mil
Phone: 940-676-4454
DSN: 736-4454




359th Training Squadron

The 359th Training Squadron develops Airmen, Marines and Sailors with the knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively and efficiently function at the highest technical standards to sustain global combat capability for the fifth-generation F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. They produce maintainers that are sent to flight decks and flight lines worldwide to maintain the newest aircraft in the Department of Defense inventory. The 359th TRS is located at Eglin AFB.


361st Training Squadron

The 361st Training Squadron has a versatile mission that trains Airmen to maintain, troubleshoot and repair different systems such as aerospace ground equipment and turboprop engine systems. The training squadron is also responsible for training, educating and developing Airmen in aircraft metals, low observable repairs, aircraft structural maintenance and non-destructive inspection.   


362nd Training Squadron

The 362nd Training Squadron is one of the largest training squadrons in the United States Air Force. It conducts quality technical and military training for heavy and tactical aircraft Crew Chiefs for every type of Air Force aircraft. The 362nd TRS is composed of five flights as well as various operating locations and training detachments. These geographically separated units provide real-world hands-on technical training to include launch, recovery and servicing of rotary and tilt wing aircraft.


363rd Training Squadron

The 363rd Training Squadron is focused on meeting the United States Air Force maintenance objectives on time, on cost and on target. The 363rd TRS provides training for armament, munitions, nuclear weapons and maintenance scheduling and analysis. The training includes both enlisted and officer maintenance professionals who are capable of fulfilling the goals and objectives of the United States Air Force.