782nd Training Group



782nd Training Group

The 782nd Training Group (TRG) is the most diverse group in Air Education and Training Command, with courses in eight distinctly different career fields across four training squadrons.  The 782nd TRG provides technical and military training for military, civilian, and contractor personnel, from the United States and allied nations, in approximately 200 initial-skills and mission readiness training program resident, non-resident, and mobile training team courses in: aircraft systems, aircraft avionics and component test stations, fuels, ground transportation, engineering, construction, electrical, mechanical, telecommunications, emergency management, and explosive ordnance disposal.

Mission: Produce service members with the technical, professional, and personal skills to increase readiness across the Department of Defense and supported militaries.

Vision: Increase lethality and readiness by creating and maintaining a modern training environment to produce adaptive and resilient service members for the Joint fight through an emphasis on continuous process improvement.

Facts: (approximately, per year)

  • Graduates an average of 9,800 students
  • ​Instructs 200 (resident, non-resident and mobile training) courses
  • Employs 800 Instructors, Military Training Leaders and support staff

Email: 782TRG.CCE@us.af.mil
Phone: 940-676-2563
DSN: 736-2563


364th Training Squadron

The 364th Training Squadron (TRS) develops, conducts, and evaluates technical training in fuels management, refueling maintenance, aircraft electrical and environmental, aircraft hydraulic systems maintenance, communications cable and antenna systems, and cyber transport systems.  The 364th TRS joint-service team provides career development, supplemental, and mobile training team courses producing skilled and professional personnel for operational units throughout the Department of Defense.


365th Training Squadron
The 365th Training Squadron (TRS) develops, conducts, and evaluates technical training in the aerospace maintenance career field and produces skilled and professional personnel for operational units throughout the U.S. Air Force and partnered allied forces.  The 365th TRS provides initial skills, career development, and supplemental courses for all avionics specialties in heavy aircraft, fighter aircraft, and avionics test equipment.



366th Training Squadron

The 366th Training Squadron (TRS) develops and conducts technical and military training for U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, international military, and civilian Department of Defense students in eight of the Air Force’s 12 Civil Engineer Air Force specialties.  The 366th TRS is responsible for initial skills and mission readiness training conducted in-residence, as well as through online training, mobile training teams, and career development courses.  These courses are executed at Sheppard Air Force Base, geographically separated detachments at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, Naval Construction Training Center (NCTC) Gulfport, Mississippi, and U.S. Air Force installations worldwide.


368th Training Squadron

The 368th Training Squadron (TRS) develops ready Airmen and leaders for Civil Engineer Squadrons and Logistics Readiness Squadrons across the U.S. Air Force.  The 368th TRS is a geographically separated unit located at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.  The 368th TRS develops, conducts, and evaluates technical training, supplemental courses, and career development courses supporting the Ground Transportation, Pavements & Construction Equipment, Engineering, and Emergency Management career field specialties.  The 368th TRS also supports initial entry training for U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Navy service members through the Inter-Agency Training Review Organization (ITRO).