80th Operations Group

80th Operations Group

The 80th Operations Group provides operational support, flying training, air traffic control and evaluation of more than 200 student pilots, 80 instructor pilot candidates and 150 Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals trainees annually. The group maintains six squadrons — the 80th Operations Support Squadron, 88th Fighter Training Squadron, 89th Flying Training Squadron, 90th Flying Training Squadron, 459th Flying Training Squadron and the 469th Flying Training Squadron. These squadrons, with support from the U.S. Air Force Reserve 97th Flying Training Squadron, train undergraduate pilots from NATO countries as part of the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training program.

Commercial phone number: (940) 676-2134
Organizational e-mail: 80OGInbox@us.af.mil


80th Operations Support Squadron

The 80th Operations Support Squadron is a multinational squadron comprised of more than 140 permanent and 240 student personnel representing 13 signatory NATO nations. The OSS provides essential direct mission support to the 82,d Training Wing, 80th Flying Training Wing and Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training program. The squadron is responsible for joint-use airfield management, air traffic control, flying scheduling, aircrew flight equipment, aviation and airspace management, weather, student training, computer and administrative support to six flying squadrons.

Commercial phone number: (940) 676-4948
Organizational e-mail: 80OSSInbox@us.af.mil



88th Fighter Training Squadron

The 88th Fight Training Squadron is AETC's unique multinational fighter training squadron consisting of approximately 50 personnel from five different nations. The squadron employs 32 T-38C Talon aircraft to accomplish the IFF course and IFF Upgrade Instructor Pilot missions for ENJJPT, graduating up to 150 trainees annually.

Commercial phone number: (940) 676-5058
Organizational e-mail: 88FTSInbox@us.af.mil 



89th Flying Training Squadron

The 89th Flying Training Squadron is comprised of approximately 60 personnel from 13 signatory NATO nations training more than 100 student pilots and 24 instructor pilots annually in support of ENJJPT. The squadron employs 38 T-6A Texan II aircraft, flying 12,000 sorties and 16,000 hours annually to transition student pilots to advanced jet flying training. The squadron also conducts pilot instructor training and maintains the readiness of more than 40 instructor pilots.

Commercial phone number: (940) 676-5025
Organizational e-mail: 89FTSESSS@us.af.mil 



90th Flying Training Squadron

The 90th Flying Training Squadron is a T-38C Talon flying training squadron composed of 60 multinational personnel representing 13 signatory NATO nations. The squadron provides advanced jet flying training and pilot instructor training in support of ENJJPT. The squadron flies 46 T-38s, flying more than 11,500 training sorties and 13,000 hours annually.

Commercial phone number: (940) 676-4100
Organizational e-mail: 90fts.reports@us.af.mil 



97th Flying Training Squadron

The 97th Flying Training Squadron administers and executes the AETC and Air Force Reserve Command Associate Instructor Pilot Program and provides active Guard Reserve and Traditional Reserve instructor pilots to augment the cadre of active duty pilots conducting pilot training. During wartime, or in the event of hostilities, the unit is mobilized to offset anticipated losses of experienced active duty pilot contributions to the instructor pilot training programs.

Commercial Phone Number: (940) 676-8411
Organizational e-mail: 97FTS.CSS.mailbox@us.af.mil



459th Flying Training Squadron

The 459th Flying Training Squadron is an AETC multinational manned/managed flying training squadron, comprised of 60 personnel representing 13 signatory NATO nations training more than 100 student pilots for NATO annually. The squadron provides pilot instructor training for 24 instructor pilot candidates annually, executing ENJJPT's unique PIT syllabus. The 459th FTS employs 39 T-6A Texan II aircraft, flying 12,000 sorties and 16,000 hours annually in support of undergraduate pilot training, pilot instructor training, and instructor development training.

Commercial phone number: (940) 676-4590
Organizational e-mail: 459FTS.inbox@us.af.mil 



469th Flying Training Squadron

The 469th Flying Training Squadron is composed of approximately 60 multinational personnel representing 13 signatory NATO nations supporting ENJJPT. The squadron employs 46 T-38C Talon aircraft, flying more than 11,500 training sorties and 13,000 hours while providing undergraduate, pilot instructor and continuation training for more than 200 student pilots and instructor trainees annually.

Commercial Phone Number: (940) 676-9465
Organizational Email: 469FTS.inbox@us.af.mil