82nd Medical Group

82nd Medical Group

The 82nd Medical Group provides health services for approximately 22,000 beneficiaries and provides medical care for more than half of the Air Force’s annual throughput of Airmen in training.  The medical group also manages medical care for the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program.

The medical group is comprised of three squadrons:

The 82nd Medical Support Squadron (82 MDSS) consists 135 personnel assigned to seven flights:  (1) Resource Management and the Commander’s Support Staff (2) TRICARE Operations and Patient Administration (3) Medical Readiness and Education and Training (4) Medical Information Services (5) Diagnostics and Therapeutics (includes Pharmacy and Diagnostic Imaging) (6) Laboratory and (7) Medical Logistics (includes Biomedical Equipment Repair and Facility Management).  The 82 MDSS supports healthcare delivery by managing an annual group budget of $18M, advising on 377 Medical Group manpower positions, directing $1.2M in home station medical response equipment/supplies, governing the upkeep of eight buildings consisting of 348K square feet and worth $122M, sustaining $9.4M in medical equipment and $2.7M in information technology infrastructure, and processing 15K referrals, 153K prescriptions, 96K lab tests, and 5.8K radiology exams per year.

The 82nd Health Care Operations Squadron (HCOS) provides comprehensive primary care and limited referral, to TRICARE-enrolled patients at the medical group. The squadron is comprised of 4 flights: Family Health Clinic, Mental Health, Physical Therapy, and Maternal/Child. They have a combined strength of 98 assigned personnel. Available services include: Family Advocacy, Family Medicine, Immunizations, Mental Health, Physical Therapy, and Primary Care and Substance Abuse Counseling. Combined, these clinics average more than 5.8K patient visits annually, totaling approximately $70K in visits per year.

The 82nd Operation Medical Readiness Squadron (82 OMRS) provides occupational health services and comprehensive aerospace medicine services for beneficiaries covering 57 facilities and physiologic training in support of over 50,000 annual sorties.  The squadron directly supports two wings on the installation; the 82d Training Wing, the Air Force’s largest technical training wing housing 60,000 trainees per year and the 80th Flying Training Wing, at the Air Force’s busiest joint-use airfield, including the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program, the world’s only internationally manned and managed undergraduate flying training program.  The squadron consists of 113 personnel assigned to seven flights; (1) Aerospace and Operational Physiology, (2) Bioenvironmental Engineering, (3) Public Health and Health Promotion, (4) Optometry, (5) Dental, (6) Flight Medicine and Base Operational Medicine Cell, and (7) Trainee Health.


Military Health

Location: Building 500, First Floor


Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


For injuries or illnesses that occurred in the last 24-72 hours report to

Sick Call. Monday-Friday 0700-0730 at the Military Health Clinic. All other

reason will need an appointment.

To make or cancel an appointment call 940-676-2273 option 1, option 1

We are closed for training on the third Wednesday of each month.

All hours are subject to change for mission requirement


After Hours Urgent Health Care call 1-800-TRICARE (800-874-2273) and speak

to the Nurse Advice Line (NAL). They will triage and direct medical care as



About us: The Military Health Clinic is open to active duty only.