80th FTW Inprocessing

While in-processing at Sheppard, you may wear either ABUs/BDUs or open collar blues. Make sure you have plenty of copies of your orders with you. This checklist is divided into two sections: those things that you have to accomplish and those that are optional.

Things that you have to do...

Go to billeting and get a room (Sheppard Inn, Bldg. 1600, Avenue J). To get to the Sheppard Inn from the Main Gate, make a right turn at the first light upon entering the gate, then turn left onto Avenue J and the Sheppard Inn will be on the right. The Sheppard Inn is open 24-hours a day. This accommodation is only temporary until you either get on-base lodging in the ENJJPT dorm or move off-base. If you are married, you may apply for on-base family housing. You will need a copy of your orders.

Next, report to the Student Training Flight (OST) office in the ENJJPT building (Bldg. 2320). To get to the OST office, you will go down the staircase to the left of the main hallway after entering the ENJJPT building (before the Speed Brake cafeteria), then take another left at the first hallway you come to downstairs. The OST office is then the second door on your right. You will need to bring at least one copy of your orders.

While in-processing with the OST office, you will be given an in-processing checklist to complete. This checklist will delineate everything you have to do from going to the military personnel flight (MPF), contacting the traffic management office (TMO) if you shipped household goods, to going to individual equipment issue (IEU) to pick up your flight suits, etc. YOU MUST ENSURE ALL APPLICABLE ITEMS ON THE CHECKLIST ARE COMPLETED AND SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS ARE MET.

Things that you might want to do...

If you are not involved in a fitness program, we recommend you start immediately. During your first month of training, you will receive a standard Air Force fitness test as well as a strength fitness test (FACT). You can best prepare for these tests with a weight and aerobic training program.

The Fighter Aircrew Conditioning Test (FACT) will determine an individual's muscle fitness as it applies to operating high-G aircraft and identify anaerobic weakness that can be improved through specific physical conditioning. The FACT contains eight exercise events divided into two categories: Strength Test and Muscular Endurance Test. To pass this test, individuals must complete a minimum of 50 total repetitions of the five events in the Strength Category and the minimum required repetitions in all three events in the Endurance Category. Repetitions above the maximum are not counted. The individual's total FACT score is calculated by adding together the strength and endurance scores.

The Strength Test Category requires 10-15 repetitions. Exercise and requirements include: your body weight multiplied .35 for arm curls, .8 for bench press, .7 for lat pulls, 1.6 for leg press, and .5 for leg curls.

The Muscular Endurance Test includes: push-ups, ab crunches, and leg presses at your body weight. Push-ups and leg presses have a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 50 repetitions. Ab crunches have a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 50 reps.