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82nd Training Wing Wing Staff Agencies

Command Post
Command Post Operations acts as the executive agency between the 82nd TRW Commander, the 80th FTW Commander, and the command and control agencies with the Air Education and Training Command (AETC). Implements Emergency Action (EA) directives vital to the defense of the United States and North America. Responsible to the National Command Authorities for the accurate and timely encoding, decoding, and validation of actual and exercise EA directives. Prepares and submits operational and readiness reports for higher headquarters. Implements quick reaction procedures for wing significant events and is the Wing Commander's direct representative receiving, processing, and disseminating information to critical wing agencies. A duty controller is available 24 hours a day at (940) 676-1859.

Safety Office
This section includes flight, ground, and weapons safety staff. For more information, call (940) 676-7305.

Public Affairs
Public Affairs is the focal point for providing information on Sheppard issues, programs and base events to Airmen, the community and members of the news media. The staff conducts base tours, provides speakers for civic organizations in the community, maintains a public website and is the commander's liaison between the base and local media organizations. All media requests concerning Sheppard people, programs and events must be coordinated through Public Affairs. Call (940) 676-2732 for more information. Click here to visit the Public Affairs page.

Chapel Office
The Sheppard Chapel Team is committed to providing for the free exercise of religion, pastoral care, counseling, spiritual/personal growth for the Sheppard AFB community in support of the 82nd Training Wing and the 80th Flying Training Wing. For more information, call the Chapel Office at 676-4370.

Click here to view the current 82nd Training Wing Chaplain Division Chapel Schedule.

Comptrollers (82nd CPTS)
The 82nd CPTS includes financial services, financial analysis, nonappropriated fund oversight, quality assurance and a command section. The unit's overriding goals are customer service and fiscal execution. Recent changes have made it possible to improve the ability to service customers with fewer resources. Some of these advances include the Government Travel Card program, electronic funds transfer for payments, myPay, centralized accounting and faster support for military pay processing. Financial services will probably be one of the most important stops for a newcomer. For more information, call (940) 676-4864.

Judge Advocate
The legal office provides confidential advice to all service members concerning personal civil matters and military affairs. Attorneys are available to provide advice on issues of marriage, divorce, adoption, insurance, personal injury, claims, rentals and leases, indebtedness, wills, and estate planning. The legal office also provides powers of attorney. Air Force lawyers can not represent members in civilian court, in civilian business matters or fill out civilian legal paperwork. However, attorneys can offer legal advice early and often, preventing problems from escalating. For more information, please call (940) 676-7206 or e-mail the legal office at 82trw.ja@sheppard.af.mil.

Equal Opportunity
The Equal Opportunity (EO) office serves as the wing commander's advisor on unlawful discrimination and the human relations climate issues. This office processes EO complaints of for all military members, their dependents, retirees, and DoD civilian employees. Additionally, this office conducts and monitors all mediation sessions on workplace disputes for Sheppard AFB. For more information, call (940) 676-4393, sned and e-mail to 82TRWME2@sheppard.af.mil or visit the Alternative Dispute Resolution Web site.

Heritage Center
The historian documents activities of Sheppard AFB and provides historical reference services. The Sheppard Heritage Center is now a place where the past and future meet. The historian can be reached at (940) 676-2787.

Provides all local war/contingency planners a strategic platform to enhance Sheppard readiness in support of wing and Higher Headquarters deliberate planning, execution, and expeditionary force objectives. Contact the plans office at (940) 676-6720.

Inspector General (IG)
The Inspector General provide "World Class" support to Commanders and Agencies by conducting unbiased and torough investigations and assessments. To Serve commanders and assigned personnel by professionally nurturing a credible IG complaint system that allows anyone to identify, and commanders to resolve problems that affect productivity and satisfaction. With open eyes, ears, and minds - aiding the command and its people in their quest to become the world's most respected education and training organization. You can reach the IG at (940) 676-6550 or e-mail TRWIG@sheppard.af.mil.

Information Assurance Office
The Information Assuarance Office's goal is to make available to all Sheppard AFB information system users vital information that will empower them as an Information Assurance "key player", to protect and defend Sheppard AFB "network weapons system" and ensure the base is available and operationally ready to provide personnel with the right information, at the right time, at the right place. You can contact the IAO at (940) 676-6832 or by e-mail at information.assurance@sheppard.af.mil.

Training Operations
Training Operations is the focal point for effective and efficient production of USAF/DOD and international students through innovative training programs. Contact Information: (940) 676-1587.