Sheppard Air Force Base History
Named in honor of Senator Morris Sheppard, former chairman of the Senate Military Affairs Committee, Sheppard Air Force Base was activated Oct. 17, 1941, and provided aircrew and aircraft mechanics training during World War II. Today, Sheppard is the largest and most diverse training base in Air Education and Training Command--the only Air Force base that is home to both technical and flying training.

Combat Capability Starts Here
Sheppard is home to the Air Force's largest technical training wing and the world's only internationally manned and managed flying training program. Sheppard trains pilots and maintainers as well as the propulsion, avionics maintenance, flight equipment, fuels, munitions and aerospace ground equipment specialists needed to keep planes in the air, and the civil engineers, plumbers, telecommunications specialists and electricians needed to keep our bases running.

Local Community
Sheppard's success would not be possible without community leaders and citizens of North Texas. Sheppard is thrilled to have such a supportive and proactive area surrounding the base. The community has been recognized by Air Education and Training Command and was presented the Altus Trophy for Outstanding Community Support.

Sheppard History