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ENJJPT Student Pilot In-Processing Guide

Congratulations on your selection to the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Program, aka ENJJPT!

This 55-week program will be an exciting and challenging time in your life. Please follow the checklist to ensure you have an easy transition to SAFB.

Before Arrival:

  • Call the Casual in Charge of Casuals desk, 940-676-5055, at least two weeks prior to arrival so they can collect contact information and track your arrival date.
    • During your time at Sheppard Air Force Base, student pilots are assigned to the Office of Student Training, which falls under the 80th Operations Support Squadron and the 80th Flying Training Wing.
    • You will not be assigned a sponsor, but the OST will assist you with any questions you may have.
  • Contact your nearest Travel Management Office as soon as you receive your orders.
    • You can find your nearest TMO here: https://move.mil/resources/locator-maps.
    • If you have not received your orders, contact the TMO four weeks prior to your expected move to let them know you are expecting an upcoming Permanent Change of Station and need to set up a Personally Precured Move or Household Goods Shipment.
    • You must receive an initial brief and fill out your paperwork with the TMO at your departure location, not the Sheppard AFB TMO. Once you arrive, you will complete your move with the SAFB TMO.
    • If you do not receive a TMO brief before departure, you are not entitled to reimbursement for your move.
  • Maintain social distancing during your travel (at least 6 feet from individuals or wear a mask).
  • Plan to be placed on quarantine for up to 14 days immediately upon arrival. Your team lead will ask you questions once you arrive to determine if quarantine is required.  
    • Do not stop at grocery stores or anywhere in the Wichita Falls community prior to arriving at Sheppard AFB Inn or your new home/apartment. (See “Upon Arrival” for obtaining food/necessary items)
    • An exception may be made if you need to drop off a trailer or drop off items at a storage facility.  In this case, you must do a contactless drop-off and you are required to wear a mask if you cannot keep 6 feet distance between yourself and a member of the community.
  • You have the option to complete your full quarantine at Sheppard AFB Inn, but we recommend finding an off-base home/apartment prior to arrival.
    • You must stay in one location for the duration of your quarantine. You cannot move from base lodging to a house/apartment during your quarantine.
    • If you decide to stay in on-base lodging, call SAFB Inn, 940-676-2707, prior to arrival.
  • Bring ALL of your administrative, medical and dental records from your commissioning source (ROTC/OTS/USAFA/University) to include your most recent AF Form 4446 and Fitness Screening Questionnaire (FA/QFR Documents).
  • Print about 10 copies of your orders.
  • Call the CINCC desk again the day you depart from your home to let them know you are leaving.

Upon Arrival:

  • Upon arrival, travel directly to your new home, apartment or base lodging (one exception listed above).
  • When you have arrived at your quarantine location, call the CINCC to let them know you have arrived.
    • The CINCC will notify your team lead to call you and give you a brief with the most current quarantine and COVID-19 Ops guidance.
    • All groceries and essential items must be acquired through your team lead.  If you need groceries as soon as you arrive, let the CINCC know if your team lead has not contacted you yet.
    • If you stay in base lodging, you will not receive meals from the base. Again, work with your team lead to acquire groceries so you can receive per diem during your time in lodging.
    • Due to COVID-19, the number of reimbursable days in lodging/TLF could range from 10 to 24 days. Be sure to ask the CINCC how many days are available to you. Additionally, the CINCC can assist you with the reimbursement process after quarantine.

After Quarantine:

  • After your quarantine is complete, you will in-process at the OST, which is located in the 80th Operations Group, Bldg. 2316, 1830 Avenue H.
    • Directions: Take a left at the first light on base from the Missile Road Gate. Take the first left after the 80th FTW welcome sign (immediately before the T-6 and T-38 on display). The first building on the right is Bldg. 2316.
    • U.S. students should plan to arrive in OCPs or ABUs in accordance with AFI 36-2903.
    • International students should speak to their Senior National Representative to determine which uniform to arrive in.

Program Information:

The ENJJPT Program is the world’s only internationally manned and managed flying training program hosted by the 80th FTW. The ENJJPT mission is to produce the world's finest NATO pilots with the skills and attitude to succeed in fighter aviation.

As of June 2020, the current 80th FTW Commander is Col Robert Haas, and the 80th OSS Commander is Lt. Col. Adam Scott. There are 14 Euro-NATO country participants, including: Belgium, Canada, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Sheppard AFB is home to two wings. The 82nd TRW, the installation's host wing, trains more than 900 different enlisted and officer courses in aircraft maintenance, logistics, civil engineering, communications, cyber and more, and oversees all of the installation support functions. Both the 82nd TRW and 80th FTW missions together makes Sheppard the largest and most diverse training base in the Air Education and Training Command.

Important Contact Information:

CINCC desk (Hours of Operation: 0800-1700) – 940-676-5055
SAFB Inn -  940-676-2707


80 FTW – 80th Flying Training Wing
80 OG – 80th Operations Group
80 OSS – 80th Operations Support Squadron
82 TRW – 82nd Training Wing
CINCC – Casual in Charge of Casuals
FTW – Flying Training Wing
HHG – Household Goods Shipment
OST – Office of Student Training
PCS – Perminant Change of Station
PPM – Personally Precured Mov
SNR– Senior National Representative
TLE – Temporary Lodging Expenses
TMO – Transportation Management Office


AFI 36-3003 AETC Supplement (Current as of 16 May 2017)
AFI 36-2903 (Current as of 6 Feb 2020)

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