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ENJJPT Student Pilot In-Processing Guide

Congratulations on your selection to Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training! This 55 week program will be an exciting and challenging time in your life. Student pilots at the 80th Flying Training Wing are assigned to the Office of Student Training within the 80th Operations Support Squadron. 

Before arrival:

• Call the CINCC (940-676-5055) 24 hours prior to arrival. Call on Friday if you will be arriving on a Monday. 
• If arriving with firearms and/or ammunition, you must notify the Security Forces gate guards upon entering the base. You will then proceed to the armory, Bldg. 2118, for registration and storage. The armory is open 24/7.
• Notify the CINCC if you plan to ride a motorcycle while at Sheppard AFB. 
o You must receive a brief from the unit motorcycle safety representative before riding on or off base.
• All students report to the Office of Student Training located in the 80th Operations Group, Bldg. 2316, Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. CST. Plan on arriving before 10 a.m. If arriving during non-duty hours, report to lodging.
o All Visiting Forces must in-process with the CINCC at least 1 week before class start date.
o U.S. students report in ABUs, Visiting Forces report in short sleeve blues or as directed by your SNR.
o You will not be assigned a sponsor, but the OST will assist you with any questions you may have.
• Bring ALL of your medical and dental records from ROTC/USAFA/OTS/University.
• Print about 10 copies of your orders.


• Unaccompanied officers may have the option of living on or off base. Call the UOQ/dorm manager, Mr. Blackburn (940-676-3648), at least 7 days prior to arrival. Do not make housing arrangements prior to contacting him.
• Accompanied officers have the option of living on or off base. If you intend to live on base, call Balfour Beatty (940-613-0709) once you receive orders to reserve a spot on the housing list. It is also recommended to book a TLF at the Sheppard Inn (940-676-2707) prior to arrival while housing arrangements are being made. 

Program Information: 

ENJPPT is conducted by the 80th Flying Training Wing, a tenant wing at Sheppard Air Force Base. The current wing commander is Col. Andrea Themely, and the 80th OSS commander is Lt. Col. Jason Turner. 

Sheppard AFB is also home to the 82nd Training Wing, where AITs learn about aircraft maintenance and operations, communications, civil engineering and more. 

AIT – Airman in Training
CINCC – Casual in charge of casuals
FTW – Flying Training Wing
MPF – Military Personnel Flight
OSS – Operations Support Squadron
OST – Office of Student Training
SNR– Senior National Representative
SRO – Senior Ranking Officer
TLF – Temporary Lodging Facility
UOQ – Unaccompanied Officers Quarters / Dorms

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