From the Commander

Welcome to Team ENJJPT. You are about to begin a journey unlike any other in the world of Undergraduate Pilot Training. The Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program is unique in that it is the only internationally manned and operated UPT program in the world. It is unique in that you will train side-by-side with NATO partners from 14 countries.

This 55-week program will challenge you from beginning to end, on the ground and in the air. It will challenge you in the classroom and the briefing room. Creating fighter pilots for the NATO Alliance is an honor, but it’s also demanding.

Pilot training has been part of Sheppard’s history since World War II when glider and helicopter pilot training programs were base here. Modern jet training began in the mid-1960s when the U.S. and German air forces began a UPT program. Although ENJJPT started in 1981, our pilot training lineage goes back farther.

Below you will find a handbook full of information to help you get started at ENJJPT and assist you throughout your stay in North Texas. You will also find some important study materials we need you to start reviewing before you get here.

Now, let’s get strapped in and get after it. We have a lot to do over the next year to train and mentor you during this significant journey.

Col. Robert “Jack” Haas
Commander, 80th Flying Training Wing

ENJJPT Handbook and Study Materials

   ENJJPT Student Pilot Handbook (Oct 2021)




   Prior to IFT Study Materials
   DA20 Boldface Ops Limits
   DA20 Boldface Ops Limits (Blank)



   Prior to SUPT Study Materials
   T-6A Boldface Ops Limits
   T-6A Boldface Ops Limits (Blank)