Technical Training Students (Non-prior service)


Airmen in Training (AiT) are assigned a Military Training Leader (MTL) upon their arrival at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, to assist them in their transition and in-processing the base.

Airmen need to bring with them all the items they were issued at basic training at Lackland AFB. They will have the opportunity to shop at the Base Exchange and purchase any necessities on their first night at Sheppard.

Once arriving for technical training, AiT are placed in the Transition Program. During the Initial Transition phase, they are required to wear the uniform at all times; may not operate, ride in or utilize a personal motor vehicle; and must remain on base with an established curfew. Visitors during this time are not ideal, but not impossible. Visitors may see their Airman after duty hours during the week until 10 p.m. and midnight on weekends. This transition may last up to 60 days. More answers can be provided by MTLs.



Dormitory rooms are shared with two other Airmen and must be kept neat, clean, orderly and professional. Once assigned a room, the Airman may personalize their bed, nightstand or desk as long as the display as long as the display of pictures, posters or other items do not display the human body in an obscene, provocative or pornographic manner, or any image considered to be in poor taste as determined by the MTL. Posters, pictures or items portraying or advocating drug, alcohol or tobacco use are prohibited.

Airmen are allowed to have televisions, gaming systems, computers and laptops while at technical training. Wall lockers will be provided in the dormitory rooms, but all valuables must be locked away when not the owner is not present in the room. There are numerous Wi-Fi spots around base, but for additional service in the dormitory, Airmen at their own expense may purchase local internet service from a local provider in Wichita Falls.

The following items are prohibited in dormitories including: alcoholic beverages; firearms including BB guns, Air Soft and/or paintball guns; fireworks; flares; knives with blades longer than 3 inches; pets; weapons or weapon-like instruments; incense or candles; electric heaters; hot plates; coffee pots; and any cooking devices or similar appliances.


For Airmen arriving from Lackland AFB to Sheppard AFB for technical training, the following are Charge of Quarters, or CQ, numbers for each Training Squadron (TRS) dormitory:

• 361st TRS: Comm: 940-676-6477/DSN: 736-6477

• 362nd TRS: Comm: 940-676-7362/DSN: 736-7362    

363rd TRS: Comm: 940-676-6806/DSN: 736-6806

364th TRS: Comm: 940-676-2405/DSN: 736-2405

 365th TRS: Comm: 940-676-4444/DSN: 736-4444

366th TRS: Comm: 940-676-2200/DSN: 736-2200    

Advanced postal address for general delivery

On an Airman’s first day at Sheppard, they will receive their mailbox to have items shipped from home.

The on-base U.S. Post Office is located 527 Avenue I in Bldg. 551. The zip code for Sheppard is 76311. Postal Service Center, which is in the Post Office, has boxes that are available at no charge to personnel living in the dorms. Before your arrival, use the following temporary address for your mail:

Your Name

527 Avenue I, General Delivery

Sheppard AFB, TX 76311-9999


After you get here, check with the PSC for any hold mail you might have. You can reach the PSC at Comm: 940-676-5641 or DSN: 736-5641. Call 940-855-3319 to reach the Post Office.

Visitors during stay

Sheppard AFB conducts a 100 percent ID card check on everyone entering the installation. The Sheppard Visitor’s Center provides temporary passes for visits to the installation and is located in Bldg. 1405 on Missile Road off of Texas Highway 240. All sponsors must direct their non-Department of Defense affiliated guest(s) to the Visitor’s Center, where all visitors will be verified and passes issued. Ensure all visitors have appropriate identification with a current picture, such as a driver’s license. For those wishing to obtain a room at the Sheppard Inn for their guest(s), call 940-676-1844 or 940-676-2707 for specific information.

How to get to Sheppard

At present, the only commercial airline serving the Wichita Falls Regional Airport is American Eagle. Commercial taxi service is available from the airport to the base (approximately 2 miles). If driving, all highways leading to the base are well marked once you get into Wichita Falls. The main gate, which is on Missile Road, is off Texas Highway 240 and Interstate 44 (U.S. Highways 287 and 281).

Driver’s Licenses

The Texas Department of Public Safety recognizes the home-state driver’s licenses of out-of-state military members’. It also recognizes, until expiration, the state license of military members’ previous duty assignments. Texas residents returning after an assignment in another state must renew licenses within 45 days. The nearest DPS driver’s license office is at the corner of Interstate 44 and Missile Road.