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DoD: Use of CBD oil products prohibited

SHEPPARD AIR FORCE BASE, Texas — The Defense Department is reminding all DoD members that the use of all cannabidiol, cannabinol derivatives and THC-infused products is prohibited.

The reminder comes after several military members stationed in North Carolina had to seek medical attention for severe issues potentially related to vaping products containing CBD oil, which comes from hemp, according to information provided by the 82nd Medical Group. Risks associated with the use of CBD oil include: rapid heart rate; dilated pupils; high blood pressure; acute weight loss; headache; irritability; anxiety; withdrawal symptoms; unconsciousness; seizures; and brain death.

Anyone experiencing any of these symptoms should seek medical attention immediately.

Some vaping substances have been found to contain ingredients, which are in violation of the Substance Abuse Act, making them unlawful to use, possess, or transfer under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, federal and state law.

More information can be found at https://www.opss.org/faqs/cannabidiol-are-products-cbd-legal.

Call Saralauren Peacock at the 82nd MDG for other information regarding Operation Supplement Safety.