New York native ACEs AGE course

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  • By Airman 1st Class Pedro Tenorio
  • 82nd Training Wing Public Affairs

Being a role model is not just about being the best … it helps, but it is not what makes a role model great. Being a role model can happen in many different ways, there are even some role models that you actually despise, but you can always take at least one lesson from anyone you encounter. One sure fire way to be a role model though, is to lead from the front. Nothing inspires the troops more than seeing their leader literally or figuratively lead the way. Being at the top may mean you're the best, but one most remember that it also makes you either the one to beat or the one they look up to. With those in mind, this Airman hopes to be a good role model to his son, but might as well end up being a role model to many more.

Airman 1st Class Charles Kohl received the ACE award after receiving 100 percent scores on all 15 block tests of the aerospace ground equipment apprentice course at Sheppard AFB.

Rank/Name: A1C Charles M. Kohl

Unit (gaining): 106th Rescure Wing, Westhampton Beach, New York.

Duty title: Aerospace Ground Equipment Apprentice

Hometown: Mineola, New York

Time in service: 15 Months. Enlisted July 2018. BMT (03/26/2019-05/24/2019). Tech School (06/07/2019-10/09/2019)

Why you joined: To serve my country

Family: Wife (Maricar), Parents (Charles and Genebel), Brother (William), and Son (CJ)

Hobbies: Weight Lifting, Investing, Watching and Playing Sports (especially Football, Listening to Music, and Traveling.

Favorite aspect of job: Expanding my knowledge of a variety of electrical and mechanical systems and seeing them work in motion.

Most memorable Air Force experience: Having family come for BMT graduation.

How do you make responsible choices: To make my family proud and be a good role model for my son, CJ.

Instructor: Staff Sgt. Abhishek Dohare

Instructor Comment: A1C Charles Kohl is a very brilliant/bright student. He already had an in depth electrical and mechanical understanding of different systems before entry into the course. Helping him understand AGE electrical schematics, flow diagrams and theory of operation was fairly straight forward and he absorbed the given material very quickly. With the previous electrical engineering background that A1C Kohl possesses coupled with his positive attitude and early onset of professionalism/maturity, I have no doubt that he will excel in the Aerospace Ground Equipment career field.