Indiana native ACEs munitions systems course

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Pedro Tenorio
  • 82nd Training Wing Public Affairs

Too much bragging could be a bit of a pain for others in the vicinity  … but then again, someone who catches a big fish doesn't walk home through an alley. Giving oneself the credit they deserve is a healthy trait to keep morale high, but we must also remain vigilant and humble enough to not get too absorbed in ourselves and overshadow the mission of protecting the freedoms of the American people … with that rant done, we congratulate Airman 1st Class Andrew Keller who deserves all the bragging rights while he continues to embody the Air Force value of excellence in all we do.

Keller received the ACE award after scoring perfect scores on all of his block tests during technical training at Sheppard. 

Rank / Name: A1C Andrew Keller

Unit: 363rd TRS

Duty title: Munitions Systems Technician

Hometown:  Greenwood, Indiana

Time in Service: 1 year 5 months

Why you joined:  College Benefits

Family:  Dean and Lisa Keller (Parents) / Bradley, Brittany, and Shelby (Siblings)

Hobbies:   Reading, Cooking, Camping

Favorite aspect of job:   Learning new skills, making fun stories, and bragging rights about what I do.

Most memorable Air Force experience:  Watching the B-2 fly at the airshow! It was sweet!

How do you make responsible choices:  Weighing consequences helps me make responsible choices.

Instructor and DSN:   Tech. Sgt. Martin

Instructor Comment: This award reflects the hard work and diligence that A1C Keller put forth to complete the Munitions Apprentice course.  During his stay here at Sheppard AFB, I have seen A1C Keller demonstrate the Air Force core values of Integrity First, Service before Self, and Excellence in all we do.  I am confident that he will continue to excel at all future endeavors.