La Grange, N.C., native ACEs avionics course

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Pedro Tenorio
  • 82nd Training Wing Public Affairs

Airmen are made to excel. The average Airman is above average, so what is above the above average Airman? Right above average is a little thing called, excellence, and excellence can be achieved through perseverance and a goal. A goal as it pushes the 1% of Americans who join the force to put their 110% effort into their duty. An ACE award is just an indicator of the effort and excellence that this Airmen will be showing in the future.

Airman Jacob Sager, 365th Training Squadron avionics systems apprentice course graduate, scored 100 percent scores on all his performance checks and tests during his 94 day (794 hours) of technical training and earned the ACE award. An impressive feat for anyone who has seen the training books.

Rank / Name: Airman Jacob Sager

Unit (gaining): 704th AMXS/333 AMU

Duty title: Avionics Apprentice

Hometown: La Grange, North Carolina

Time in Service: 9 Months

Why you joined: Financial and College Benefits

Family: Brother, 2nd Lt. David Sager

Hobbies: Graphic and Creative Design

Most memorable Air Force experience: Wearing the Air Force legacy uniform at the Sheppard Air Force Case air show and attending the Air Force Ball.

Instructor: Tech. Sgt Jonathan McKelvey

Instructor Comment: In my time at Sheppard AFB, I have only seen two other Airmen achieve this accomplishment in our course. Being able to make it through 94 days of instruction (794 hours) and not miss a single test or progress check question is a truly impressive feat. Airman Sager was constantly studying course material as well as looking farther into the systems he was learning about in order to better understand their operation. He was not only dedicated to his own learning but also constantly ensured his classmates were clear on the course material/systems as well.