Sitka, Alaska, Native perfects Avionics Technician Course

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Pedro Tenorio
  • 82nd Training Wing Public Affairs

Scoring a 100 percent on a test … doable. Scoring a 100 percent on nine tests … a bit harder, but possible I think. Scoring a 100 percent on all nine tests about avionic systems that include multiple other systems that work together in tandem to make sure a giant metal bird thing does what it's not supposed to do and actually flies right and can do other crazy things … point is, we are an amazing Air Force and that is because we have outstanding Airmen that are a part of it.

Airman Miah Dumag ACEd her avionics technician apprentice course at Sheppard AFB by scoring 100 percent scores on all of her performance checks and tests during the nine block course. An ACE award is only given to those who performed above and beyond in their technical training school, we can just imagine now the skillset and excellence she'll bring to her next base.

Rank and Name: Airman Miah Dumag

Unit (gaining): 354th Eielson AFB

Duty title: Avionics Technician

Hometown: Sitka, Alaska

Time in Service: 8 months

Why you joined: I joined to expand my knowledge about aircraft and gain work experience while also earning college credits towards a degree.

Family: Mom, Dad, one brother and two sisters

Hobbies: Range Rover Enthusiast, Volleyball, Free diving and Spearfishing

Favorite Aspect of Job: Learning about how all the systems work together and how to isolate a fault and trouble shoot it.

Most Memorable Air Force Experience: So far, meeting new people from all around the world and making lifelong friends.

How do you make responsible choices: Remembering the reason why I joined the Air Force keeps me from making bad decisions.

Instructor: Tech. Sgt. Nicanor Garcia Jr.

Instructor comment: This award is very special because through nine blocks of curriculum it is very rare to have an Airman not miss a single question on a test. This Airman is very deserving because they continued to study every day and ensure they understood the information, continued to lead the class everyday as a class leader and also helped others in the classroom to understand the course material well.