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113 Sheppard Airmen to promote to master sergeant

Blue graphic with Master Sergeant stripes, and 20E7 cycle statistics

Air Force officials selected 4,649 technical sergeants for promotion to master sergeant in the 20E7 promotion cycle. The promotion list will post July 16. (U.S. Air Force graphic by Staff Sgt. Sahara Fales)

SHEPPARD AIR FORCE BASE, Texas – The Air Force selected 113 technical sergeants assigned to Sheppard or one of its geographically separated units for promotion to master sergeant in the 20E7 promotion cycle.

In all, the Air Force selected 4,649 for promotion out of an eligible 22,286 technical sergeants.

Of the Sheppard Airmen selected, 111 came from the 82nd Training Wing, and two from the 80th Flying Training Wing.

The following Sheppard AFB Airmen were selected for promotion: Tech. Sgts. Mark G. Abad, Casey P. Andersen, William L. Balden, Robert K. Barnes, Reid D. Beimling, Scott Benedict, Shawn D. Berry, Michael R. Berube, Christopher S. Bindernagel, Robert C. Borja, Jessica L. Boyanton, Amanda L. Britcher, Phillip S. Caicedo, Julius R. Caluya, Desire A. Cobb, Chad L. Cooper, Caleb D. Costello, Joel P. Cruse and Steven S. Cummins.

Also selected include Alexander Del Castillo, Robert E. Detrano, Kendall T. Drake, Matthew P. Dry, Jarrod W. Eckert, Thomas R. Engel, Casey L. Epps, Jonathan Erickson, Ryan R. Ford, Nicanor Garcia Jr., Andres Gonzalez, Kimberly R. Grable, Tahime C. Green, David W. Hall, Thomas S. Harmon, Kyle E. Henderson, Marcus K. Higa, Jordan D. Hocker, David J. Holland, Kyle J. Hostetler, Zachary J. Jacobs, Daniel L. James, Nathan K. Jemar and Bret R. Johnston.

Also selected include Darron A. Kain, Matthew E. Katz, Andrew L. Keesee, Jackie L. Keesee, Derek D. King, John M. Kopas, Nathaniel J. Krause, Peter H. Kuhlman, Billy D. Lathrop, Barry A. Lewis, Caleb V. Lounsbury, Luis R. Maldonaldo, Jonathan Martinez, Kristin M. McAlister, Gregory McAndrews, Kenneth D. McCracken, Erik M. McIntosh, Dustin W. Melton, James F. Nartowicz, Joshua C. Nelson, Stanley S. Nelson and Dennis E. Neville.

Also selected include Erin M. Oelker, Christian Ortiz-Morales, Gregory P. Pagan, Andrew C. Parise, Christopher Pearson, Audra N. Pecher, Marshal Pennington, Anthony M. Perez, Marcus T. Perry, Christopher G. Peterson, Alexander J. Phillips, William A. Pickett, Francisco Y. Pio, Brandon J. Pirmann, Lee M. Riley, Felix E. Rivera, Charles T. Robertson, Ruben Rodriguez Jr., Francis W. Royal and Samantha L. Rudloff.

Also selected include Matthew R. Salmond, Ryan Sampson, Ignacio J. Sandoval, Timothy R. Sanford, Sherry Santos-Orton, Bradley A. Scott, Nicholas A. Smith, Corey D. Sobania, Christopher Sudock, Michelle R. Sweeney, Ryan S. Tangeman, Billy J. Trusty Jr., Erik S. Van Roekel, Shannon L. Van Roekel, Mark V. Vignale, Andrew A. Walker, Chad T. Walker, Julieta M. Washington, Michael S. Watson, Charles R. Wilcox, Tyler J. Wilkins, Cody R. Williams, Andrzej K. Wojcicki, Justin B. Woodard and Anthony R. Zenzen.

The promotion rate cycle 20E7 was 20.86 percent. The average overall score for those selected was 390, the average time in grade was 3.58 years, and the average time in service was 13.77 years.

The complete master sergeant promotion list is available on the Enlisted Promotions page of the Air Force Personnel Center’s website, the Air Force Portal and myPers. Airmen can access their score notices on the virtual Military Personnel Flight via the AFPC secure applications page.

Those selected for promotion will be pinning on the new rank Aug. 1 in the order of their selection number.

For more information about Air Force personnel programs, visit the AFPC public website.