Houston native ACEs avionics technician course

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Pedro Tenorio
  • 82nd Training Wing Public Affairs

"The greatest Air Force in the world," some may disagree with this term, but it's because of the people who enlist and believe that we are the greatest, they are why we can even contend for that title. This Air Force is run by outstanding and excellent Airmen and even with those high standards of greatness there are those Airmen that leap above that bar.

Airman 1st Class Yacouba Ky graduated the F-16 avionics journeyman course and earned the ACE award for his perfect test scores. The course which is nine blocks of curriculum within 73 academic days and 584 class hours, Airman 1st Class Ky, did not miss a single question on a test.


Rank / NameA1C Yacouba Ky.


Unit (gaining): 96th AMXS Eglin AFB


Duty title:  Avionics Technician


Hometown:  Houston, TX


Time in Service: 7 months


Why you joined: To serve, education opportunities, and being part of the greatest air force in the world


Family: Single parent to one son


Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, reading various books, playing with electronics, and going to the gym.


Favorite aspect of job: Working with my hands to troubleshoot malfunctions, and working together with others.


Most memorable Air Force experience: Basic Military Training, shooting range at beast. As well as learning a lot about the F-16 at Technical Training school.


How do you make responsible choices: I begin by weighting all of my options prior to and always consider the outcome.


Instructor: SSgt Matthew E. Chewning 


Question for Instructor: This award is very special because through 9 Blocks of curriculum it is very rare to have an Airmen not miss a single question on a test. This Airman is very deserving because A1C Ky continued to study every day and also ensured that his fellow classmates understood the information.