Base legal, AF Claims Service Center ready to assist following wintry blast

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  • 82nd Training Wing Judge Advocate

SHEPPARD AIR FORCE BASE, Texas – The impact on Team Sheppard due to Winter Storm Viola has been significant.  As with past natural disasters, the Air Force Claims Service Center (CSC) and the Judge Advocate General’s Corps stand ready to assist.

The CSC can pay personal property loss/damage claims for losses suffered on-base or in government-provided housing because of a natural disaster.

The authority which authorizes the CSC to pay certain personal property claims is the Military Personnel and Civilian Employees Claims Act (PCA). The PCA was enacted by Congress to lessen the hardships of military life by providing payment for certain types of property loss; however, it does not provide insurance coverage and is NOT designed to make the United States a total insurer of the personal property of claimants. Claimants have a personal responsibility to protect themselves from loss or damage to their personal property. Claims for damage to personal property must have occurred on-base or in base housing (both Gov’t privatized on-base and off-base). Claims for property damage off-base at the member’s personally-rented apartment, rental home, or personally-owned real property are not payable.

Proper claimants include:  Under the act (Title 31, United States Code, Sections 3701 and 3721, and Title 32, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 842, Subpart C), proper claimants only include:

  1. Active duty Air Force military personnel.
  2. Civilian employees of the Air Force who are paid from appropriated funds.
  3. DOD school teachers and school administrative personnel who are provided logistic and administrative support by an Air Force installation commander.
  4. Air Force Reserve (AFRES) and Air National Guard (ANG) personnel when performing active duty, full-time National Guard duty, or inactive duty training, ANG technicians under 32 U.S.C. 709.
  5. Retired or separated Air Force military personnel who suffer damage or loss resulting from the last storage or movement of personal property, or for claims accruing before retirement or separation.
  6. AFROTC cadets while on active duty for summer training.
  7. United States Air Force Academy cadets.

Proper claimants do not include: 

  1. International military members
  2. Non-appropriated fund employees
  3. DoD employees who are not assigned to the U.S. Air Force (e.g., AAFES employees)
  4. Contractor personnel
  5. Active duty and civilian personnel of a military service other than the Air Force (however, each service implements the law in their own way and claims may be payable through service-specific channels – see item 1 below)

To file, follow these directions: 

1. Go to the Air Force Claims Service Center (CSC) website,, and click “File NonHousehold Goods Claim.” This site is for United States Air Force personnel only; however, contact information for sister-service personnel can be found on this page.

2. On the next two screens hit the "Proceed" button.

3. You will come to our Portal screen. Select "I already have a user name and password"  To create a User Name and Password, email from a .mil account and request a username and password. The subject line should read, "Request for Username and Password for Non Household Goods Claim." Please email from your .mil account so that the CSC can send your login information to you encrypted.

4. Once you have input your username and password, you will then be asked to fill out your profile. Once that is accomplished, you can then begin inputting the information for your damaged property.

5. Continue following all directions. Required documents include your PCS or TDY Orders for military personnel or SF 50 for civilians.

  1. Claims for damage in base housing/dorms – File with your renter’s insurance company first. After receiving settlement, or if no renter’s insurance, any items which can be repaired (cleaned) must first be attempted by a firm qualified to repair. If an item cannot be repaired (cleaned), then replacement is warranted. Any item which costs more than $100 to replace, must be accompanied by substantiation in the form of a web page, catalog page, sale paper or BX price.
  1. Claims for automobile damage – File with your automobile insurance company first. After receiving settlement, or if liability only (no comprehensive coverage), a claim can be filed with the Claims Service Center. If your insurance company takes care of repairs, only one estimate of repair is required. If you have liability only, you must provide two repair estimates. If your vehicle was damaged at your duty section, a statement from your supervisor stating that you were on duty at the time of the storm must be provided. Air Force civilian employees must have been on duty and their POV must have been at their duty section otherwise any claim filed may not be payable. A statement from the civilian employee’s supervisor stating the POV was at their employee’s duty section is required. Other documents required are vehicle registration, insurance documentation and a receipt showing you paid your repair company for your deductible. If you have liability only, you must upload a copy of your Insurance Policy Declarations page showing your coverage and a receipt showing repairs were paid for. Please upload any documentation related to your claim in the Upload Documents section of your claim.

6. There's a User's Guide link at the bottom of each page which should help you file your claim.

7. After you have added all applicable information and uploaded any substantiating documents/photos, you should submit your claim.

8. If any questions arise about the claims process or if you do not have a .mil account from which to request a username and password, please contact the CSC at They are currently working remotely due to COVID-19 therefore email is the best means of communication.

9. You can also contact the Sheppard Air Force Base legal office at 940-676-4262.