Meals On Wheels deliver food to those stranded by Snowstorm

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Pedro Tenorio
  • 82nd Training Wing Public Affairs

Last week was a hardship on all of Wichita Falls, but through the darkness, human kindness and comradery shined through and brought help to those in need during this unprecedented time.

We’d like to show our appreciation to our Airmen who joined the countless other Meals On Wheels volunteers to help deliver meals to those who weren’t able to get or cook meals last week due to hazardous road conditions and the power outages. These Airmen along with Fire Fighters, the Wichita Falls County Police Dept., members from the Army National Guard and the many associates from the local community joined the Meals On Wheels Team to provide around 7,200 meals for 1,000 people.

The Meals On Wheels program is run by Pam Hughes and Jackie Hamm, together with their team, they deliver at least seven meals to those in need every week. Last week they were aided by around 200 volunteers from the organizations stated above. During this crisis, the team switched into 4x4 drive (both literally and figuratively) to help all those stranded and without a proper meal.

We like to highlight these volunteers for showing that in times of trouble, we are stronger together. We are glad that the storm has passed, but even gladder to know that if it were to happen again, we have a strong community to help us all through it.

To learn more about the Meals On Wheels program follow this link!