AF selects 122 Sheppard technical sergeants for promotion to E-7

  • Published
  • By John Ingle
  • 82nd Training Wing Public Affairs

SHEPPARD AIR FORCE BASE, Texas – More than 120 Sheppard AFB technical sergeants were selected for promotion during the 21E7 promotion cycle.

In all, 122 Airmen here, at detachments or inbound personnel were part of the 4,676 E-6s selected for the rank of master sergeant out of 24,721 eligible for promotion. The promotion rate was 18.91 percent, and the average score was 388.62. The average time in grade was 3.63 years and time in service was 13.54 years.

Those promoted include: Tech. Sgts. Johnny Acevedo Jr., 368th Training Squadron, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri; Lauren N. Acosta, AF Office of Special Investigations; Joseph E. Archer, 365th TRS; Devaunte J. Barton, Sheppard Non-Commissioned Officer Academy; Jeffrey J. Bauer, 373rd TRS; Chase J. Bellott, 372nd TRS; Christopher Berube, 82nd Medical Support Squadron; Keith L. Billings, 372nd TRS; Michael L. Bolar, 82nd Security Forces Squadron; Joseph D. Boyett, 49th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Holloman AFB, New Mexico; Joseph A. Brooks, 372nd TRS; Jacob L. Brown, 363rd TRS; Sarah L. Bruce, Sheppard NCOA; and Tera L. Burk, 82nd SFS.

Tech. Sgts. Alexis N. Cabell, 82nd Force Support Squadron; Ian C. Campbell, 22nd Civil Engineer Squadron, McConnell AFB, Kansas; Ashley M. Carroll, 372nd TRS; Jacob M. Casey, 372nd TRS; Kyle A. Chandler, 366th TRS; Bradley C. Chartier, 372nd TRS; Garrett E. Clark, 532nd TRS, Vandenberg AFB, California; James H. Crossen, 82nd Training Wing; Casey M. Darnell, 372nd TRS; Alexander P. Davis, 550th Fighter Squadron, Kingsley, Oregon; Justin. A. Decker, 373rd TRS; Martin J. De la Vara, 372nd TRS; and James M. Dobrynski, 366th TRS.

Tech. Sgts. Amanda R. Eckert, 365th TRS; Dawn R. Edwards, 80th Operations Support Squadron; Shane M. Enderson, 372nd TRS; Chad R. Ertel, 359th TRS, Eglin AFB, Florida; Christopher Essue, 372nd TRS; Thomas J. Feenstra, 372nd TRS; Noel Feliciano III, 372nd TRS; Gilbert J. Flores, 373rd TRS; Stephen E. Forbin, 372nd TRS; Jeffrey C. Fuller, 362nd TRS; James W. Gallegos, 362nd TRS; Rodolfo Z. Garcia, 365th TRS; Bobby J. Garrison, 372nd TRS; James L. Gentry, 364th TRS; Dominic M. Giardino, 367th Training Support Squadron, Hill AFB, Utah; and Ronald J. Glozzer, 366th TRS.

Tech. Sgts. Jessica L. Gluth, 368th TRS; Antonio J. Gonzalez, 373rd TRS; Daniel R. Goodman, 373rd TRS; Brooke A. Gordon, 80th Flying Training Wing; Joshua C. Green, 363rd TRS; David M. Guldi, 372nd TRS; Sean M. Haines, 373rd TRS; Austin G. Hamilton, 362nd TRS; Charles R. Hancox, 373rd TRS; Kenneth E. Hanners, 364th TRS; Melvin E. Hartley, 366th TRS; Kenan C. Harvey, 309th Aircraft Maintenance Group, Hill AFB, Utah; Steven L. Helms, 372nd TRS; Oren S. Hemphill, 362nd TRS; Nathaniel Hermanson, 373rd TRS; Stephanie M. Hiroshima, 367th TRSS; Christopher Hixenbaugh, 92nd AMS;  Patrick A. Holt, 362nd TRS; and Detrick O. Hysaw, 82nd Health Care Operations Squadron.

Tech. Sgts. Giselle D. Irr, 366th TRS; Vincent S. Irr, 366th TRS; Shana R. Kau, 82n dMDSS; Milton P. Keith IV, 23rd AMS, Moody AFB, Georgia; Anthony J. Lamotta, 361st TRS; Damian M. LaSalle, 372nd TRS; Nguyensan K. Le, 372nd TRS; Joshua A. Lee, 372nd TRS; Jesse S. Leuschel, 372nd TRS; Clifton E. Lovar, 362nd TRS; Charles I. Martin, F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming; Daniel Martinez, 372nd TRS; Jarrod McMillian, 361st TRS; Lance R. McFarland, 362nd TRS; Andrew S. McKinney, 373rd TRS; Robert J. Meehl, 365th TRS; and Kyle W. Mitchell, 368th TRS.

Tech. Sgts. Jessica A. Moch, 88th Fighter Training Squadron; Sara M. Moreno, Sheppard NCOA; Timothy B. Morris, 515th Air Mobility Operations Wing, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii; Ryan J. Moudy, 359th TRS; Michael J. Mumau, 82nd SFS; Ricardo R. Natal, 372nd TRS; Charlotte Pajatin, 366th TRS; Taquoya M. Parrott, Sheppard NCOA; Alex D. Ponzi, 372nd TRS; Robert Lynn Poteat, 532nd TRS; Ryan P. Pritchard, 372nd TRS; Joshua D. Pritchett, 366th TRS; Alexander H. Reed, 372nd TRS; Sarah A. Ritz, 364th TRS; William C. Robbins, 373rd TRS; Mark A. Rocamontes, 361st TRS; Matthew C. Roemer, 365th TRS; and Bryan K. Ryder, 366th TRS.

Tech. Sgts. Jorge A. Sharp, 373rd TRS; Ryan E. Simpkins, 18th Component Maintenance Squadron, Kadena Air Base, Japan; Antoine T. Smalls, 373rd TRS; Kelvin L. Smith, 367th Fighter Squadron, Homestead Air Reserve Base, Florida; Amber P. Snyder, 368th TRS; Justin L. Spycher, 364th TRS; Jordan L. Stewart, 372nd TRS; Matthew M. Tubbs, 982nd Training Group; Joshua M. Tutolo, 372nd TRS; Aaron B. Valdez, 372nd TRS; Codie L. Volk, Sheppard NCOA; Samuel J. Walker, 366th TRS; and Daniel C. Walling, 362nd TRS.

Tech. Sgts. Kyle Doughlas Walsh, 432nd AMS, Creech, Nevada; Casey A. Washington, 80th OSS; Morgan E. Whalen, 373rd TRS; Randi K. White, 362nd TRS; Marijaue S. Williams, Sheppard NCOA; Scott B. Williams, 82nd SFS; William A. Wimsatt, 372nd TRS; Ryan A. Woods, 373rd TRS; Catherine L. Young, 372nd TRS; Derrick A. Yough, 378th Fighter Squadron, Wisconsin Air National Guard; and Ezzidin D. Zafar, 36th TRS.