AF selects 132 Sheppard Airmen in 22E7 promotion cycle

  • Published
  • By John Ingle
  • 82nd Training Wing Public Affairs

SHEPPARD AIR FORCE BASE, Texas – The Air Force selected 132 technical sergeants at Sheppard AFB, its geographically separated units or gaining personnel for promotion to master sergeant as part of the 22E7 promotion cycle.

According to the Air Force Personnel Center, 4,040 of 27,296 eligible E-6s were selected for a rate of 14.8 percent. The list includes supplemental promotion opportunities.

The average overall score for those selected was 342.89, with an average time in grade of 4.16 years and time in service of 14.39 years.

Sheppard Airmen selected include: Tech. Sgts. Michael D. Adams, 982nd Maintenance Squadron; Shawn K. Akana, 361st Training Squadron; Landon A. Basham, 361st TRS; Joshua D. Beall, 367th Training Support Squadron, Hill AFB, Utah; Bryan R. Beckwith, 366th TRS; Mark J. Benavides, 372nd TRS; Christopher M. Bennett, 80th Operations Support Squadron; Ryan R. Bertsch, 364th TRS; Luke D. Bodey, 372nd TRS; Brannon M. Burch, 373rd TRS; Seth M. Calkins, 372nd TRS; Blake A. Campbell, 532nd TRS, Vandenburg AFB, California; Emiliano J. Canales, 362nd TRS; Bryan T. Canon, 532nd TRS, Vandenburg AFB, California; Jaclyn E. Cardona, 82nd Operations Medical Readiness Squadron; William M. Cheek, 372nd TRS; and Daniel B. Childress, 372nd TRS.

Tech. Sgts. Sean P. Conlan, 365th TRS; Jordan W. Cooke, 367th TRSS, Hill AFB, Utah; Colin P. Cortez, 372nd TRS; Justin M. Cortez, 373rd TRS; Jeremy K. Crosby, 372nd TRS; Demetrius W. Daniel, 366th TRS; Stephen A. Davis, 372nd TRS; Ismael E. Dela Llana, 368th TRS, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri; Brandon Eastman, 372nd TRS; Richard Eccleston, 372nd TRS; Jared D. Elder (gaining), 60th OSS; Sergio J. Escobedo, 372nd TRS; Nolan W. Fischer, 364th TRS; Anthony B. Forehand, 372nd TRS; Andrew L. Foreman, 373rd TRS; Sierra L. Frazier, 363rd TRS; Brandon A. Freeman, 373rd TRS; Jeremy L. Garrett, 373rd TRS; John V. Girtman, 372nd TRS; Tanner C. Goatley, 359th TRS, Eglin AFB, Florida; and Bronson R. Gomes, 372nd TRS.

Tech.Sgts. Dylan G. Goodwin, 82nd Comptroller Squadron; Drew E. Green, 373rd TRS; Norma I. Green, 82nd Communications Squadron; Jeremy D. Grissett (gaining), 92nd Operations Support Squadron, Fairchild AFB, Washington; Ceejay L. Grix, 372nd TRS; Corey A. Hamilton, 372nd TRS; Emma K. Hebert, 373rd TRS; Charles P. Herrero 373rd TRS; David W. Hill, 82nd CS; Kenneth Hinton Jr., 362nd TRS; Nicolaos Hofauer (gaining), 305th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst; Henry J. Hotard, 372nd TRS; Tyler S. Hunnicutt, 368th TRS, Forth Leonard Wood, Missouri; Buddy W. Hurley, 373rd TRS; Carmen O. Hysaw, 82nd Force Support Squadron; Tyler R. Ibanez, 373rd TRS; and Gordon R. Inch, 372nd TRS.

Tech. Sgts. Mark T. Jackson, 363rd TRS; Ryan Jamieson (gaining), 388th Logistics Support Squadron, Hill AFB, Utah; Bridget L. Jennings, 80th Flying Training Wing; Joe E. Jones, 89th Flying Training Squadron; Jordan M. Jones, 372nd TRS; Joshua W. Jones, 372nd TRS; Zachary T. Jones, 372nd TRS; Trever L. King, 372nd TRS; Toby E. Kourtney, 372nd TRS; Jacob S. Kriner, 373rd TRS; Vyacheslav N. Kuvila, 372nd TRS; Christopher Lancaster, 509th AMXS, Whiteman AFB, Missouri; Vi Hao Liang, 372nd TRS; Dylan D. Lightfoot, 372nd TRS; Alexandra M. Lindbloom, 373rd TRS; Ian C. Lindop, 372nd TRS; Gerrardo Lopez Ruvalcaba, 366th TRS; Christopher Loveless, 362nd TRS; Jason R. Ludlum, 368th TRS, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri; Donald R. Martin Jr., 372nd TRS; David M. Maskowski, 372nd TRS; Jackson C. McCarthy, 532nd TRS, Vandenburg AFB, California; and Brent R. McCullough (gaining), 5th AMXS, Minot AFB, North Dakota.

Tech. Sgts. Kevin R. McNatt, 372nd TRS; Alexander G. Megert, 373rd TRS; Michael S. Meister, 80th FTW; Andrew S. Menkes (gaining) 335th Fighter Generation Squadron, Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina; Jeremy M. Mestas, 373rd TRS; Anthony J. Modugno, 372nd TRS; Omar Morales (gaining), 333 FGS, Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina; Jonathan L. Moreno, 359th TRS, Eglin AFB, Florida; Shane W. Myers (gaining), 849th AMXS, Holloman AFB, New Mexico; Leonardo A. Olguin, 365th TRS; Johnathan M. Orr, 532nd TRS, Vandenburg AFB, California; Kristen D. Owens, 80th OSS; Nathaniel B. Pahlow, 363rd TRS; Howie J. Paulino, 368th TRS, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri; Nicole M. Pederson, 372nd TRS; Adam W. Peil, 372nd TRS; Valerie Pemberton, 367th TRSS; Dylan S. Peterson, 366th TRS; Michael E. Pickels, 372nd TRS; and James J. Poole, 372nd TRS.

Tech. Sgts. Scotty Reyes, 372nd TRS; Jared A. Rice (gaining), 51st AMXS, Osan Air Base, South Korea; Radames Rivera Rodrigues, 365th TRS; Alan J. Roberts, 366th TRS; Karen A. Rodabaugh, Sheppard NCO Academy; Marques E. Salvador, 361st TRS; Eddie W. Santana Nieves, 362nd TRS; Jordan J. Scott, 373rd TRS; Michael Scullion (gaining), 748th AMXS, Royal Air Force Lakenheath, United Kingdom; Brian C. Shaw, 82nd Security Forces Squadron; Ryan J. Sheldon, 362nd TRS; Donald D. Shiffer, 373rd TRS; Daniel A. Siems (gaining), 8th AMXS, Kunsan AB, South Korea; David A. Sierra, 372nd TRS; James M. Smith, 362nd TRS; Roy E. Smith, 359th TRS, Eglin AFB, Florida; and Michael M. Stilson, 372nd TRS.

Tech. Sgts. Henry W. Taylor, 82nd SFS; Joshua D. Thompson, 372nd TRS; Christopher Thomsen, 372nd TRS; Joel G. Torres, 359th TRS, Eglin AFB, Florida; Adam L. Vasas (gaining), 5th AMXS, Minot AFB, North Dakota; Cynthia E. Vazquez, 373rd TRS; Adam M. Warren, 372nd TRS; James C. Watson, 372nd TRS; Tenisha B. Watts, 80th OSS; Garrett G. White, 373rd TRS; Kristopher Wiggins, 373rd TRS; Jeremiah D.Wilkins, 368th TRS, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri; Cassandra J. Yates, 363rd TRS; Matthew E. Zaruba (gaining), 436th Maintenance Group, Dover AFB, Delaware; and Nicole A. Zens, 372nd TRS.