Sheppard's in-service recruiter

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Katie McKee
  • 82d Training Wing Public Affairs

The in-service recruiter’s office provides Airmen valuable information about extending career opportunities after active duty service.

Master Sgt. Andrew Mistkowski, in-service recruiter, assists those separating from active duty service and informs them of other possibilities through the Reserve component.

“Since active duty members will come see me as part of their out-processing checklist, I can assist them in figuring out other ways to continue service from a part-time aspect,” said Mistkowski. “They will still get benefits while serving in a different capacity, and I’m the one that handles that process for them.”

Typically the in-service recruiter only handles permanent party Airmen, but Master Sgt. Mistkowski also helps those interested in joining the service as long as they meet the basic entry requirements, whether they’re graduating from high school or already in college.

“The main thing I want people to know when they come see me is it’ll be a no pressure conversation,” said Mistkowski. “I use these conversations to educate people on what the Reserves can offer before they make a decision.”

The Palace Chase program is also available to those who don’t want to wait until their original enlistment is complete. This program allows Airmen to separate from their active enlistment as long as they continue their service with the Air Force Reserves.

Master Sgt. Mistkowski can be reached at: or at 940.676.2483