782d TRG Welcomes Colonel Haler as New Commander

  • Published
  • By 2d Lt Lauren Niemi
  • 82 TRW Public Affairs

Colonel Daniel W. Lemon relinquished command of the 782d Training Group to Colonel Eric D. Haler on July 19, 2023. The ceremony was officiated by Brigadier General George Dietrich III, 82nd Training Wing commander. The unit is widely known as the most diverse training group in the Air Force, and includes courses in civil engineering, petroleum oil lubricants, hydraulics, electrical and environmental systems, avionics, and more.


Brig. Gen. Dietrich started by reflecting on outgoing Col. Lemon’s accomplishments as commander, specifically for modernizing training.


“Two years ago looked a lot like what we had been doing to train our airmen for the previous two, three, four, five decades,” Dietrich said.


“The catalyst for all that was Dan Lemon.”


Lemon’s innovative focus was primarily on the improvement of available technology for students, bringing their technical training into the 21st century.


Upon taking the podium, Lemon thanked his friends, family, and wingmen who had supported him throughout his last assignment.


“You are the unsung heroes of our nation,” he said to the Airmen of the 782d TRG.


Lemon was awarded the Legion of Merit, and is set to retire at a later date this year.


Col. Haler, a 782d TRG alumnus himself, expressed his gratitude to his family and everyone who had supported him up until this point before expressing his excitement to work with and lead the bright, energetic, and innovative Airmen who serve as the Air Force’s greatest resource.


“The future of the Air Force is here, and our future is looking bright.”