80th Flying Training Wing and Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Pledge to Combat Sexual Violence

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Demonstrating their commitment to fostering a safer and more respectful environment, the leadership of the 80th Flying Training Wing and the partner nation air forces which compose Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training have signed a pledge here Monday, Aug. 28, to eliminate sexual violence in the military community. This joint pledge serves as a powerful testament to their dedication to supporting victims of sexual assault and their determination to eliminate such incidents from their ranks.

At the heart of this initiative lies the resolute principles of the Air Force's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program. The SAPR program is a comprehensive effort aimed at preventing sexual assault, providing reporting options and offering support services for survivors. Through this program, victims of sexual assault are provided a range of resources and avenues for reporting, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are met.

"Our combined commitment sends a clear message: sexual violence will not be tolerated within our organization," said Col. Brad Orgeron, the commander of the 80th FTW. "By taking this stand together, we are reinforcing a culture of respect and accountability, fostering an environment where such actions have no place."

Central to the mission of fostering a safe and respectful environment is the Sheppard Air Force Base SAPR office, led by Ms. Lahella Jones. This office serves as a vital resource for individuals seeking confidential guidance, support or assistance in reporting incidents of sexual assault. The team at the SAPR office is dedicated to providing survivors with the necessary resources to navigate the aftermath of such incidents and find a path to healing.

"Our joint effort to combat sexual violence reflects the very essence of our shared values as military professionals,” said Jones. "Through this pledge, leadership is sending a clear message that their commitment to the safety and well-being of their personnel is of the utmost importance."

Beyond the scope of this collaboration lies a deeper connection between NATO nations who took part – a shared commitment to core values including integrity, respect and accountability. This pledge stands as evidence to the alignment of these countries around principles that emphasize dignity and respect. In particular, it demonstrates a shared dedication to creating an environment free from sexual violence.

The signing of this pledge signifies a pivotal moment in the ongoing fight against sexual assault, reinforcing the message that it has no place within the military community. The alliance between the nations at ENJJPT amplifies the call for change, setting the stage for a future defined by respect, trust and unity.

For more information about the Sheppard Air Force Base SAPR program, please contact the Sheppard AFB SAPR office at (940) 676-7272.