Sheppard Weekly Update: 10.02.23

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Katie McKee
  • 82d TRW Public Affairs

Good morning Team Sheppard!

Submit your Weekly Brief announcements *due NLT 1300 every Wednesday*


  • NEW: Hours are now 0830-1300.
  • The last Tuesday of the month will be walk-in appointments. Come camera-ready.
  • The Public Affairs photo studio is by APPOINTMENT ONLY



Permanent party, retirees and civil service members of Team Sheppard are invited to the Air Force Ball by Brig. Gen. George T.M. Dietrich III on the 21st of October.

Please check your emails for an invitation and link to tickets or reach out to SSgt. Van Arsdale for further inquiries.





Our mission is to utilize highly motivated men and women to represent Sheppard Air Force Base and the United States Air Force at military and civilian functions to promote the 2024 Air Show. This mission is accomplished by ensuring only professionals of the highest caliber are recruited to participate in all functions. We are looking for all ranks and experiences to showcase the diversity and inclusivity of Air Force personnel and careers.

Candidates should have:

  • Great public speaking abilities
  • Highly energized about serving in the Air Force and their job
  • Look professional in their uniform.


Request your application from the POC, Lt Col Kenneth White,



*Notification of Training Ultilizing Blank Ammo

Please be aware that the 82 SFS will be conducting Ground Combat Readiness Training using Blank Training Ammunition to simulate gunfire in and around the Golf Course every Wednesday during the month of October. Please direct any questions to TSgt Wallace at DSN: 676-3025.


  • 2024 Scary Strong Powerlifting Competition held at the Levitow Fitness Center on 28 Oct @ 0800.
    • Lifters will be judged on the Squat, Bench, & Deadlift. The competition will resemble a USAPL style meet.
    • The lifter who totals the highest DOT Score, will be awarded the Top III Sponsorship to compete at the 2024 USAPL Military National Championships and represent Sheppard AFB & the USAF. More information below in the “2024 USA Powerlifting National Championships”.
    • Scan the QR Code below to signup for the competition.
      • For more information, contact POCs: MSgt Daniel Turner (676-4686), MSgt Alejandro Diaz (676-4801), or Ms. McKenzie Shawn-Daulton (736-2939).
    • Qr code

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  • Participants will represent the Air Force at the National level to showcase their strength on 3 lifts: Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift. This competition will also have weight classes, ranging from 114 lbs. - 308+ lbs. for men and 97 lbs. - 220+ lbs. for women.
  • If you are interested in receiving the Top III Paid Sponsorship to compete at this event, please consider competing in the 2024 Scary Strong Powerlifting Competition at Levitow Fitness Center @ 0800. Please see above for more info.
    • For: Military personnel, police officers and firefighters.
    • When: TBD (Projected to be in March 2024).
    • Where: TBD (Projected to be in Atlanta, GA).
    • Note: This event is typically limited to 82 contestants only.
    • Depending on individual leadership, they may be authorized a PTDY for the trip.
      • For more information, contact POCs: MSgt Daniel Turner (676-4686) or MSgt Alejandro Diaz (676-4801).



Seeking volunteer victim advocates

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) office here at Sheppard AFB are looking for individuals, Permanent Party or Civilian who previously were D-SAACP credentialed volunteer victim advocates and would like to continue providing advocacy to the military community. Please contact the Deputy SARC TSgt. Tiffany Arnold or Victim Advocate Ebonie Daniels at 940-676-0363 or email to get information on the requirements to recertify.



If you want to learn about the experiences of working while having a disability, please join us on 13 Oct at the Sheppard Event Center at 1200 to have a Brown Bag Lunch with members of Team Sheppard who would love to share their stories with you!

NDEA Story:  Kim Peek, was an American savant. He was also known as a “mega savant”. Mr. Peek had an exceptional memory when it came to facts but was known to have experienced social difficulties. Though he was officially diagnosed with autism, he is now thought to have had FG Syndrome. FG Syndrome is a genetic disorder that that is characterized by poor muscle tone and intellectual disability. It’s a complete or partial absence of the part of the brain that connects the two hemispheres of the brain.


“Recognizing and respecting differences in others and treating everyone like you want them to treat you, will help make our world a better place for everyone. Care… be your best. You don’t have to be handicapped to be different. Everyone is different!”



It’s Fall Ya’ll! As the weather starts to turn cooler and the leaves change color, safety concerns shift as well. We have less hours of daylight for driving and falling leaves can pose hazards on roadways. Planning ahead is essential, whether it be your car, your home, or your personal health.

Quick Tips

  • Check for vehicle recalls at
  • Keep up on vehicle maintenance.
  • Wet leaves can be as slippery as ice-drive carefully!
  • Prepare a cold weather car survival kit.
  • Hunting season is approaching-be safe and be smart.
  • Halloween is around the corner! Plan ahead for safe costumes and decorations.

For more info: AFSEC-Fall into Safety!




•Taco Bout It with Brig Gen Dietrich, Col Peterson and CMSgt Schultz When: 3 October at 1830 Where: Landing Zone (Bldg. 450) For more information, contact Sara Moeller at

Karaoke Night When: Every Saturday at 1800 Where: Landing Zone (Bldg. 450) For more information, contact Sara Moeller at

 •Movie Night - Free Popcorn! When: Friday at 1830 Where: Landing Zone (Bldg. 450) For more information, contact Sara Moeller at

•Super Smash Bros Tournament When: 7 October at 1430 Where: Landing Zone (Bldg. 450) For more information, contact Sara Moeller at



Women of the Chapel Christian Bible Study - Lunch and Book Provided! Messy People: Life Lessons from Imperfect Biblical Heroes When: Recurring every Wednesday at 1100-1200 (Recurring Every Wednesday) Where: Spiritual Development Center (BLDG. 4475) Contact Lori Holmquist at




Upcoming Events @ the M&FRC:




  • Faith Mission/Faith Refuge

(940) 723-5663

- Faith Mission Lunch

- Faith Refuge Dinner

- Noon Chapel Service

- Evening Chapel Service

  • Habitat for Humanity

(940) 716-9300

Volunteers Work to Build Homes

  • Child Care Partners

(940) 766-4332

-Read stories to children

-Assist w/holiday parties

-Facility upkeep

  • CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocates

(940) 766-0552

Committed individuals appointed by judges to guide one child or one set of siblings through the judicial system to safe, permanent homes as quickly as possible.

  • Hospice of Wichita Falls ~ Salute to Service Tribute Volunteers sponsored by the Sheppard AFB Retirees Activities Office  (940) 676-5088


- Military volunteers can be from any branch of service (veterans, active duty, guard, reserves)  and any rank.

- A couple hours a month depending on the number of volunteers signed up.

- Volunteers will need to be in uniform for the ceremonies and must travel themselves to Hospice of Wichita Falls. Dress will be duty uniform. For Veterans choice of uniform.

- Hospice of Wichita Falls, 4909 Johnson Road, Wichita Falls, Texas. Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse volunteers for travel expenses.

- REQUIRED TRAINING:   Hospice of Wichita Falls requires all volunteers to attend a short HIPPA training course (The Sheppard retiree Activities Office will provide that information to the volunteers on when and where that will be held). 

  • Wichita Falls Horse Committee is having their annual horse Expo at the JS Bridwell Arena

and looking for volunteers. This year is a salute to Veteran Equestrians with Disabilities. It is a 2-day event and are looking for volunteers to assist in the arena, help with gates, and other various tasks. It will start Saturday 11 Nov at 9 am and again Sunday12 Nov at 9 am. For more info or questions please call or text (940)674-5363 or (940)781-6798 or email