Winter of Waivers is coming to the 82d Training Wing

  • Published
  • By Julie Svoboda
  • 82d Training Wing

The 82d Training Wing approved a “winter of waivers” that will last from mid-November, 2023, until January, 2024. The squadron that submits the most waiver ideas to the Digital Integration Office will be eligible for an award.

Tech. Sgt. Michael Meyer, Chief of the Data Integration Office, initiated the program.

“The intent is just to identify things that are getting in our way and then fixing that,” he said. “The intention is that this will be done over like a two-month span and our office will manage the flow. First, they'll send it to us. We'll read it for feasibility, and then press with the process.”

According to Meyer, quantity is more important than quality at this stage because it will help identify wide-spread issues that might require a higher-level intervention than a waiver.

All waivers must comply with AFI 33-360

Submissions should be made using DAF 679 and an accompanying electronic Staff Summary Sheet, which are routed through the usual channels for correspondence being sent to the wing. If a waiver is approved, it will become part of the requestor’s official records and must be filed as specified in AFMAN 33-363.

Submit waivers to the Digital Integration Office at:, or