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Wing briefs officers on Force Shaping

SHEPPARD AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- The manning level of the Air Force has been a hot topic recently with this year's Force Shaping Board, and it's getting even hotter. 

Col. Lansen Conley, 82nd Training Wing vice commander, and 82nd Mission Support Squadron commander Lt. Col. Bruce Gooch briefed officers Monday and Tuesday about the voluntary programs available for the next round of force shaping. This current initiative focuses on all officers, not only on junior officers 

"This brief is important because change is coming," Colonel Conley said at the officers club. 

The Air Force's goal is to have a force of 316,500 enlisted and officer Airmen by fiscal year 2011. 

Colonel Conley said options available to all officers up to the rank of colonel is something every officer should know and understand. Knowing the options would allow officers to make an informed decision about their future. 

"We know we are going to lose some great, quality officers," he said. "Please seriously consider these options." 

According to an Air Force Print News article released last week, eligible officers can voluntarily elect to retire early, choose to participate in the voluntary separation program that provides a lump-sum payment upon separation or other voluntary separation or retirement programs such as "Blue to Green," Palace Chase, etc. 

The Air Force will also conduct a fiscal year 2007 Force Shaping Board for officers commissioned in 2003 and 2004. Officials said about 930 officers in these commissioning year groups will be affected. 

Colonel Gooch said Sheppard won't know how many junior officers would be affected by the FSB until the board date gets closer. 

The colonel urged attendants of the briefings to educate themselves on what options are available. Information about the various programs is available at www.afpc.randolph.af.mil/retsep/forceshaping/shape.htm