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Team Sheppard is Excellent

SHEPPARD AIR FORCE BASE -- Any doubt of how the 82nd Training Wing performed during the Operational Readiness Inspection was cleared up Wednesday morning when it was announced the wing earned an "excellent" rating. 

The Air Education and Training Command Inspector General team hosted a final outbriefing at the base theater for a packed crowd of Team Sheppard personnel, including their bells, whistles, noise makers and fog horns. 

"I want to thank the entire wing for doing a great job of protecting our great nation," said AETC Deputy Inspector General Col. Joe Barron, adding the 82nd TRW lived up to the words that span across the front of the wing headquarters building. "The words say 'Combat Capability Starts Here,' and it really does." 

During the weeklong inspection, the AETC team awarded eight "outstanding" ratings, more than 125 "excellent" marks, more than 135 "satisfactory" scores and only four "marginal" evaluations. 

Maj. Gen. Michael Gould, commander of 2nd Air Force, said men and women of the 82nd TRW have worked hard and took time away from their normal lives to prepare for this one week. The inspector's score validated the time and effort each person put into preparation. 

"You guys are awesome," the general said. "I'm so terribly proud of you I can't stand it." 

General Gould said now is the time to get back into the rhythm of what was normal before preparation began. He said it's important for each member of the 82nd TRW to step back and look at what was accomplished, regroup and spend time with family, re-establish fitness routines and enjoy the job they do. 

Perhaps the individual with the biggest smile Wednesday morning was 82nd TRW Commander Brig. Gen. Richard Devereaux. 

"You have earned an excellent across the board," the general said, smiling from ear-to-ear. "What more could a commander ask for." 

General Devereaux said it didn't take long for him to realize and sense the amount of "teamwork and excellence in the air" when he took command of Sheppard in late August. The team from AETC confirmed those feelings Wednesday, he said. 

They also corroborated his three goals that he said he had in mind when he began leading the wing. 

"How goes Sheppard determines how goes our Air Force," he said, reminding the audience that Sheppard's training is "Technically the Best." 

The inspectors' first impression also contributed to the success of the ORI. General Devereaux cited the 82nd Civil Engineer Squadron's leadership in preparing the base appearance and 82nd TRW Inspector General Col. Marti Rossi's drive to prepare the wing for inspection. 

Finally, his goal of providing a "safe, secure environment for people" was realized when the 82nd TRW Safety Office earned an outstanding rating. 

"Ziggy (James Zillweger, chief of safety) and his team established a culture of safety," General Devereaux said. "That doesn't happen over night." 

The general was particularly proud of those who were recognized by the AETC team for there accomplishments and performance during the assessment. Those "coined" by the team include: Lester Givens, 82nd Civil Engineer Squadron; Airman 1st Class John Ferrier, 365th Training Squadron; Tech. Sgt. Christopher Black, 82nd TRW Command Post; Senior Master Sgt. Michelle Blackston, 82nd Mission Support Squadron; and Capt. Mary Burke, 361st Training Squadron. 

Several other 82nd Training Wing personnel were recognized by name by inspectors during their evaluations. Those recognized include: Capt. Krisitina Coppinger; 1st Lt. Ian Phillips; Tech. Sgt. Jeffrey Morales; Staff Sgt. Darrell Leatherman; Gina Johnson; Cheryl Whelan; Master Sgt. Dave Toms; Tech. Sgt. Leonard Acosta; Tech Sgt. Robert Fraley; Staff Sgt. Eduardo Villa; Senior Airman Brandon Williams. 

Ronald Claeys; Tech Sgt. Ira Hill; Staff Sgt. Robert Finton; Airman 1st Class Lowie Camat; Airman Arthur Sherard; Tech. Sgt. William Davidson; Tech. Sgt. Rogelio Velasquez; Staff Sgt. Daniel Brooks; Staff Sgt. Alissa Jephcott; Staff Sgt. Travis Young; Airman Bobbi Holthaus; Rachel Allen; Master Sgt. Troy Kettell; Master Sgt. Marguerite Osborn; Lois Bolding; Tech. Sgt. Richard Brady. 

Airman 1st Class Kamesha Pickett; Mary Otto; Carol Drake; Master Sgt. Anthony Blackburn; Tech. Sgt. Jennifer Wampler; Staff Sgt. Denton Cordell; Staff Sgt. Michael Biss; David Mitchell; Senior Master Sgt. Benjamin Saunders; Tech Sgt. Thomas Narconis; Master Sgt. Robert Heis; 1st Lt. Johann-Marie Jaboneta; Tech. Sgt. Alan Weaver; Staff Sgt. Rose Schiano; Staff Sgt. Daniel Hill. 

Airman 1st Class Oliver Guerrero; George Shaver; Master Sgt. Wade Delling; Master Sgt. William Lane; Staff Sgt. Troyann Ernle; Staff Sgt. Donald Whitehead; Cynthia Bryson; Shelly Keller; Master Sgt. Yulanda Moffett; Brenda Riddle; Judy Medford; Staff Sgt. Paul Szymanski; Capt. Damon King; Master Sgt. McClenton Wilson; Tech. Sgt. Crystal Trevino; Tech. Sgt. Kenneth Kilman; Staff Sgt. Vanessa Bibb. 

Staff Sgt. Leslie Charles; Staff Sgt. Stephanie Foltz; Staff Sgt. Justin Hannaford; Airman 1st Class Robert Zuniga; Capt. Kevin Watts; Senior Master Sgt. Robert Lucier; Tech. Sgt. Andrew Hood; Tech. Sgt. Jason Groth; Tech. Sgt. Anthony Wadley; Joe Baka; Rusell Mancuso; Marvin White; Isidro Guzman Jr.; Tech. Sgt. Jason Gallis; Philip Conn; Samuel Reibly; Chrispus Taylor. 

Tech. Sgt. Eric Booth; Daryl Bradley; Rosa Marlin; Christina Peterson; Tech. Sgt. Douglas Picard; Airman 1st Class Alexander Baldwin; Airman 1st Class Austin Welborn; Airman Andre Cotan; Airman Hannah Bergstrom; Tech. Sgt. Christopher Cox; Tech. Sgt. James Perdue; Staff Sgt. Sulaiman Abdul-Rahim; Staff Sgt. Jeff Jackson; and Dale Chitwood.