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Safety office releases semi-annual mishap report

SHEPPARD AIR FORCE BASE -- The 82nd Training Wing Safety Office has released a semi-annual report on mishaps involving Sheppard personnel. 

According to the data, there were 29 reportable mishaps including one fatality. The reportable categories include sports and recreation, industrial, four-wheeled personal motor vehicles, two-wheeled personal motor vehicles and miscellaneous. 

Data was collected for the second half of fiscal year 2006. 

"Our reportable mishaps were the same when compared to the same fiscal year '05 period," said James Zillweger, chief of the wing's safety office. "Naturally, most of the mishaps occurred during the daytime when most people were at work or engaged in off-duty activities." 

Mr. Zillweger said there are three factors that should be considered in order to reduce or prevent mishaps from occurring: know the risks of the activity, be aware of surroundings and be a good Wingman. 

Seventeen Sheppard organizations accounted for the 29 mishaps recorded from April 1 to Sept. 30. Three mishaps in two separate units was the highest number recorded. 

The age and rank of those involved in mishaps had a wide range, but the most mishaps occurred within the 18- to 25-year-old category with 11 in six months. Next was the 26- to 34-year-old group with 10, while the 35- to 57-year-old group had the final eight. 

The report also broke down the mishaps into on- and off-duty incidents. Seven on-duty mishaps were reported, with 22 reported as off-duty. 

May, June and August had the most reports with six each. Five incidents were reported in April and September, and one was reported in July. 

The semi-annual report also listed the frequency of mishaps according to the days of the week. Mondays held the highest number with eight, followed by Fridays with five, Saturdays and Sundays with four, Tuesdays and Wednesdays with three and Thursdays with two. 

Sports and recreation injuries were the most reported incidents with 16. 

"We attribute this to the emphasis on the 'Fit to Fight' program," Mr. Zillweger said. 

Motor vehicle accidents were the second-most reported incidents with eight. 

"These accounted for the fatality and two disability mishaps," Mr. Zillweger said. "This trend can be stopped by immediate and proactive intervention at all levels through vigilance and emphasizing personal risk management, especially using the Wingman concept." 

The report included the number of non-reportable injuries, which topped out at 453 for the six-month period. Military members accounted for 438 of the incidents, followed by 14 Department of the Air Force employees and one Non-Appropriated Fund employee. 

Mr. Zillweger said non-reportable injuries are ones that do not keep a person away from work for eight hours. They can also be incidents of property damage less than $20,000.