MPCECA may help offset hail damage repair costs

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  • By 82nd TRW Judge Advocate
  • 82nd Training Wing Judge Advocate

According to the local National Weather Service, hailstorms are a common occurrence and are more likely to occur during the months of March through early June than any other time of year. However, when such a storm occurs it can cause substantial damage.

While we can’t predict when hailstorms will occur, we can ensure our personal property is protected by maintaining the proper insurance coverage. In addition, there may be redress through the Military Personnel and Civilian Employees Claims Act (MPCECA).

The MPCECA was enacted by Congress to lessen the hardships of military life by providing payment for certain types of property loss, however, it does not provide insurance coverage and is NOT designed to make the United States a total insurer of the personal property of claimants. Claimants have a personal responsibility to protect themselves from loss or damage to their personal property.

To be eligible to file an MPCECA claims: (1) you must be a proper claimant and (2) the event occurred at an authorized location.  Proper claimants include active-duty military, ARC or ANG personnel in certain circumstances, and federal civilian employees. There are no provisions to pay claims for contractors or non-base-connected persons. Claims for damage to personal property must have occurred on-base or in base housing for those stationed in the States. For example, if your car was damaged anywhere on base, such as your workplace, the commissary, or the fitness center, you may be able to file a claim.  However, if your car was damaged at your off-base residence, you are less likely to qualify for a claim.

It is advised for any affected person to (1) take photos of the damage and the cause if possible and (2) report the damage to your private insurer and complete your insurance claim process. If you still are not fully compensated for the loss, you may still file a claim as described below.

To file with the Air Force Claims Service Center (AFCSC), go to the AFCSC website,, and click “File Non-Household Goods Claim” and follow the provided instructions. there's a User's Guide link at the bottom of each page which should help you file your claim. This site is for Air Force personnel only, however, contact information for sister-service personnel can be found on this page.


Upon starting the claim, members should be prepared to provide photographs of the damage, a statement from the member’s supervisor stating they were on duty at the time of the storm and other documents required are vehicle registration, insurance documentation and a receipt showing the member paid a repair company for their deductible.

If a member was put in a difficult financial situation due to the damage that occurred, they may receive help through the Air Force Aid Society. The amount of money loaned out is different based on the needs of the member and other factors.

For general information on the claims process from the Sheppard hailstorm, call the Sheppard Legal Office (940) 676-4262 or contact the AFCSC directly at 1-877-754-1212.