Airman pleads guilty, sentenced for illegal drug use

  • Published
  • By James Rumfelt
  • 82nd Training Wing Public Affairs

A student Airman from the 364th Training Squadron here was sentenced to 4 months confinement, reduction to the paygrade of E-1 and a bad conduct discharge after pleading guilty to two charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice during a court-martial Jan. 12, 2016.


Airman 1st Class Tanner Wideman pled guilty to charges of conspiracy and wrongful use and possession of a controlled substance.


Wideman admitted to traveling with another Airman and an NCO to Dallas. In his statement, he said they had planned to travel to the apartment of a civilian female he had been seeing where they purchased and used LSD.


In April 2015, Wideman admitted that he and another Airman had used LSD before heading to a music festival in Dallas.


Wideman said multiple times during his statements he was ashamed of his actions and he knew what he had done brought discredit to his family and the Air Force. He stated that he wished he could go back and make better decisions and not be such a follower.